A review of 2013 – Part 1 of 2

Well as this year goes out here is the review of this girl’s year of pervertery, with a bit about each month and a quote from the first blog of each month also! Feel free to browse the archives and the photo galleries for more info if you want to!


This girl started the year with new year’s resolutions – funnily enough she kept most of them!

“This girl wants to continue developing her dominant persona (aka Mrs Feendish) but also wants to reconnect to what she has had in the past with Grimly. To be honest since he moved in too many other things have got in the way – kitchens, bathrooms, illness, holidays, work – there always seems to be something that puts the kink right back behind everything.”

Mrs Feendish had a lot of fun in 2013, though it wasn’t always easy given the things taking priority over kink were increased this year, but still, somehow it was managed.

January was a sort of sad month for kink in some ways because the british website Informed Consent closed – this girl wrote a farewell post regards that here.

This girl also started a series of posts ‘shopping therapy sunday’ – you can see the ones she’s done so far in the link in the header bar. Yes ok, she started this mainly as an excuse to buy more gear. Umm. Busted.

Kink wise, the most fun in January was with boundinlatex who came over and tormented this girl with a lot of pink latex.


This girl also published a very nice guest post on hoods.


This girl wrote a few more of her shopping therapy sunday posts.

Grimly made a latex vac bed with the ability for the head not to be covered.

“All in all it really was a successful experiment. This girl could feel the suction of the vacuum firmly round her body but at the same time her ears weren’t popping and there wasn’t the pressure round her head that sometimes is an unwanted side effect of the regular vac bed”


Grimly also had recently bought this girl a new maid’s dress and she tried that out. This girl coloured her hair a deeper red then it had been previously. It’s not red *now* its brown again, but this girl will probably dye it red again soon since it seemed to get good reactions!



March, as per tradition was Question and Answer month.

The first question was :

“How do you start a session he asks you, you ask him ?”

“This is one of those questions that really the answer is ‘it depends’ ;)

Further questions were :

Do you know what a session will consist of and how long?

“I read your blog all the time, but never post until the annual March Q&A. I’m guessing this is common and you have a lot of web traffic. How many unique visitors do you get per day, week, month? Has the increase in traffic influenced your writing in any way?”

You mentioned in ‘keeping things clear’ how multifaceted your BDSM side is, and that you’re doing more and more with sadistic and dominant roles. I wondered how much of what you are ‘into’ is the same as a submissive as a dominant?

“Here is a question I don’t think I have heard you talk about yet.Do you do pegging or it is done to you? How do you feel about it?”

“When did you first realise that you were into girls and was it before you got into kink or as a part of it? “

“Is there any particular piece of gear you love to spend time in, and if so, whats the longest you’ve spent in it?”


Close members of this girl and Grimly’s family suffered a major house fire. No one was hurt but after it occurring at the start of April things weren’t concluded with it and their house suitable to live in again until mid November. There are still a few after shocks still, and the whole saga has put a few restrictions on kink activity and time away over the last nine months or so given that part of the family has required constant support and there have been multiple issues with it all that are not discussion matters for a kink blog. Anyway, *touch wood* it’s mostly a nightmare that is now concluded or at least manageable.

It was odd, because it happened when Grimly was just picking molly up from the airport for her second visit of the year. This girl wasn’t fully in the mood for kink and was an emotional wreck (understatement) that week but she managed to have some fun with molly on the last day of her visit and went to the car racing with Grimly for her birthday.

This girl wrote up some of her adventures she’d had with her friend Hannah (secretsmile101) the previous month :

“Over the years Grimly has had quite a lot of ideas that could be more interesting with two girls than one and given the amount of equipment it’s not too difficult to try to have some symmetry, although perhaps not quite identical, but leather and latex is a good contrast ;)

This girl also got a new hobble dress – some better photos of that to follow soon!


This girl started participating in the Wicked Wednesday meme’s. Not every week but she has now done a few of these.

The first one was on the subject of NO.

“It’s a big word in BDSM. Right from the beginning of a BDSM and/or D/s relationship things have to be negotiated. Do you want to do this? Can I do that? Everyone has things that really they don’t want to do, or maybe that they just don’t want to do then.  This girl also read an interesting thread on fetlife recently about whether submissives/slaves should be able to say no and whether it means more if they do things they *would* otherwise say no to out of submission.”

This girl and Grimly also had another visit from friends boundinlatex.

She received a surprise package from Canada from her friend Henry of a set of custom-made hand finished steel restraints. His workmanship is wonderful and he is a very good friend.



June saw this girl and Grimly’s sixth collaring anniversary and also the seventh anniversary of this blog.

“This girl and Grimly’s collaring was at a fetish party and barbecue in June 2007 the original post about it is here. It will always be one of the most special and lovely days of this girl’s life as it was the first major commitment this girl and Grimly had made to each other and was witnessed in front of many caring and wonderful friends and a terrific party followed afterwards as well.”

This girl participated in a few more wicked Wednesdays given her sort of imagination for writing needed a bit of a spark with everything else going on – included this post on memories.

Also in June Mrs-Feendish (this girl’s dom sort of side) took molly to Exodus a fetish club in Birmingham and to fem-domme event Devotion. It was a really fun weekend and prepared this girl for then spending a week on a vanilla holiday with her parents.


part 2 of the year to follow tomorrow….have a great new year’s eve!

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