Favourite things

This post is by Mrs Feendish this girl’s dominant alter-ego….and isn’t just this title because that damned movie is on AGAIN…Oh no 😉

A few weeks ago Grimly and I went to another of the cabaret events that are our friends organise for charity. Essentially the December version of the event I performed at in September.

It’s not a kink event as such but most of the performers and most of the audience is kink aware or at the very minimum fans of burlesque and that type of entertainment.  The acts range from a variety of burlesque strip-tease, stand-up comedy? (that isn’t usually funny) and singing.

I didn’t perform at this event, since I’m not sure as yet if I want to do it again and if I do I need the time to prepare something that is in my head as good as what I did before if not better or at least different. So I’m not saying never, but I am saying not yet.

Anyway, what I didn’t know was that my sub molly was going to perform. She and Grimly had kept this little piece of information secret from me and it was quite a surprise! However,  she had written this shortly after the cabaret event in September on fetlife, including the following paragraph :

“This weekend I watched someone I really care about face those fears, their own ‘lack of confidence’ and beat it, hands down, and I want to be able to do the same. I was inspired by how sexy and attractive she was, in the process. I want to be able to do the same thing, I know that the things she doesn’t feel confident about, are personal to her, and that they are different to the things that I fear I will fail at, but the approach and the attitude are things I want to emulate.”

So I wasn’t *that* surprised that she did it, just I suppose that she did it *then* given those comments and given that she sort of ‘hated but loved’ performing  a kinky version of ‘I’d do anything’ at Devotion in June. A lot of exhibitionists are also shy and modest apparently 😉

Anyway, this is what she sang :-

Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens,
Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens,
Brown paper packages…… Here’s the thing,
None of that ‘nice’ stuff is really my thing.

Blindfolds and ball-gags and bondage equipment,
Zappers and paddles and toys built to torment,
Gas masks and straight-jackets, locks and D-rings,
These are a few of my favourite things.

Bratting, or being on my ‘best behaviour’
Trouble so deep even begging can’t save ‘yer
Pushing that line just a little too far,
That’s where the pleasures in life really are!

When the cane bites,
When the crop stings,
When I’m deep in pain…
I simply remember my favourite things,
and beg; Please do that again!

Latex or lace, silk, suede, satin or leather
Clothing with straps made for lashing together,
Stockings with corset tied tightly with strings
These are a few of my favourite things.

When the cane bites,
When the crop stings,
When I’m deep in pain…
I simply remember my favourite things,
and beg; Please do that again!

When the cane bites,
When the crop stings,
When it hurts so bad…
I simply remember my favourite things,
and that’s really what I’ve had.

A lot of people seemed quite surprised since molly looks sort of ‘sweet and innocent’ (hopefully she won’t be insulted by that comment!) and so they thought she was going to sing the standard version until the fourth line. Apparently some of the audience comments were along the lines of ‘did she just sing what I thought’. She is a very good singer and very musical being able to play several instruments, and without me obviously boasting her talents too much she got pretty much the loudest applause of the night so I was very proud of her. Everyone involved with organising the event was so nice to her and helpful and co-operated in keeping her performance secret from me so that was very nice.

Since I first met molly (August 2012) she has grown a lot of confidence and is a lot less shy and I think on the whole much better at expressing herself. I’m not sure how much Grimly and I have helped with that I think she’s actually done a lot of it by herself, but it’s nice to see.

Well yes also its nice to say to people ‘oh yes she is talented isn’t she…and MINE’ 😉 It was a really special night because I know she did it mostly to please me and make me happy, which she did, a great deal 🙂

8 thoughts on “Favourite things

  1. Wow go Molly!
    We love going to burlesque nights, so much about it appeals. It’s a chance to get dressed up, admire some good tattoos and you never know what you are going to see. It’s usually a bit of a mixed bag on the ‘talent’ front but that’s kind of secondary?!
    I think what is really apparent is that absolutely everyone who gets up to perform is appreciated by the crowd.
    Women don’t need to be a particular size or pertain to the media ‘s view of perfection in order to be whooped and cheered and that is just so completely refreshing! Everyone just admires the fact they have the balls to get up and perform?!
    Plus I’m in awe when someone performs a routine that makes me laugh out loud, kind of like silent comedy? ( but with better clothes then just err. no clothes?! Save for some nipple tassels of course?!)
    Great to hear about your night out (obv I can’t often post on your kink nights out as I have no clue but couldn’t not comment on your burlesque!!)
    Have a great new year!
    Love C xx

  2. @Molly you are a very brave lady! I take my hat of to you. If we meet the drinks are on me. Respect to you

  3. And she is a great poet to boot!…..love those lyrics especially the refrain:)

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