It takes two

This post is by this girl’s alter-ego Mrs Feendish.

Given the theme of the last few of the advent calendar posts here, I thought I would post these pictures which show some fun with hoods and restraints and straight jackets that I had recently with my friends Goldilocksb and DespicableC

These two are in a relationship together but really wanted to see what it would be like to both be sub/bottom to someone else, something tells me they enjoyed it !

It was odd for me in a way since I don’t really usually play at all with guys other than Grimly and certainly not male subbies but C is good fun and really looks good in a straight jacket and it was good fun tormenting one of them when the other couldn’t see what was happening exactly but could imagine from the noises. I let Goldilocks see some of the time what was happening to him so sort of letting her in on the secret of what would be coming his way.

I can’t have been that mean though since they left looking quite happy,I love this photo of how they’re looking at each other.

4 thoughts on “It takes two

  1. Looks like a fun time all around.

    In their own relationship which one was sub vs Dom/me…..was it M/f or F/m, or switch, if i may ask?

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