E is for . . .

Grimly and this girl are just *slightly* behind with the alphabet series, but managed to have some fun last weekend! E is particularly so far one of this girl’s favourite letters can’t think why!! 😉

Anyway, as you may be able to work out from the picture E is for electrics (three different lots), the eroscillator and the ECG (heart rate monitor)

This girl will leave your imagination to fill in the details but being electrocuted to the beat of your own heart whilst being tormented? with one of probably the world’s most effective vibrators can make the heart beat get faster quite quickly!

Its a rather vicious cycle.

But nice all the same 😉

12 thoughts on “E is for . . .

  1. Apart from Grimly been a talented engineer, you must have amassed a small fortune in gear of one form or another

  2. The thought of being put in that lot is hugely erotic! Down, boy – down!!

  3. A little Grimly challenge. to tie the rate of the heartbeat to the vibrator so that when it hits a certain point it cuts off. This way she can get hot and bothered, but have a hard time being calm enough to climax.

  4. Bill, thanks, we do, and hope to more 🙂

    Carl G, bad puppy lol

    Tim, I get hot and bothered as it is !

    stevie, lol i’m not surprised knowing yourself 😉

  5. Yes, but imagine trying to calm yourself in that state of helplessness, in order to get the good stim to happen ( or if he is in an evil mood, the pain kicks in when the pleasure is not on.)

    Reminds me some of a devious set up that Gord had done using a tilt table. Lady Serena had a ball gag in her mouth which was attached to a water cooler bottle. She had a half hour she had to hold onto the ball or the table would tip and she would be painfully zapped. Of course while that was happeniing a Grimly version would probably have you being deeply pleasured to distract you. And Grimly would probably use the predicament Gord did, he had water filling a water cooler bottle that was attached to the gag. I think Lady Serena held out until about 3 gallons had filled the bottle, and pulled the ball from her clenched teeth.

  6. Yes electro torment is such the cat’s meow!

    Love the old Gord predicaments also mentioned above:)

  7. I keep coming back to this blog for the electro play. Being subjected to all these kinky experiments must be so much fun!

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