A piercing scream

A wicked Wednesday post : the theme this week is nipples!

This girl has a love-hate relationship with nipple -torture.

She can remember the first nipple clamps she ever had used on her which were possibly ones from Ann Summers or somewhere like that and can remember how much they hurt and yet at the same time how much they turned her on. She didn’t really explore nipple play all that much though before her ex dom wanted her to get them pierced.

He had read a lot of the kind of fetish fiction where the idea of ‘ultimate slavery’ is for the woman to be pierced in her nipples, labia, clit, nose and tongue. To be fair, a lot of those stories sound erotic and fun but going ahead with it should be for the right reasons a combination of it being for the D/s and because both parties are turned on and aroused by it.

This girl wasn’t really keen on the idea. However, to please her ex she went ahead and arranged getting her nipples pierced. The problem was though at the time she was very new to kink, still living at the seaside and not aware of many resources where she could discuss the pros and cons of going ahead with piercing or what to look out for with the piercing studio. So, stupidly, she went to the local one in town. Not so stupidly, she took a friend with her which was good since afterwards she was very faint and sick and probably would have passed out on a bench near the beach if he hadn’t been there to responsibly (ish) take her to the pub.

The whole experience is still one of those kind of moments thats still frozen in time for her, that she can imagine the room, the tattooist, being there topless waiting for him to do it. This girl can’t actually remember if she screamed out loud but inside her head she screamed at the top of her lungs, it hurt! It was however also very erotic and on so many levels this girl enjoyed it.

With hindsight she would however go back in time to her 22 year old self and say wait – wait for the right guy, and the right studio. Well hindsight is a great thing.

The piercings didn’t heal very well and after about a year she had to remove them.

Her ex wasn’t too happy about that though and insisted on her repeating the process at a studio in Glasgow. The piercing the second time was much better however the nerves before it were far greater. Its worse sort of knowing what to expect, but in a way more exciting since admittedly it was still within the realms of fantasy. Her ex dom could have gone with her but he didn’t having a fear of needles! So, again she was accompanied by a local friend. Whether it was an issue with the first piercing still or how this girl looked after them or a combination, it didn’t work the second time either and so eventually this girl had to remove the second piercings too.

This girl removed the second piercings around about 2005.

She’s spoken with Grimly about piercings a few times since – he’s most keen on a septum piercing but this girl isn’t sure about that ! She’s unsure really, part of her would like to try the piercings again with a reputable piercer and ideally one kink aware. So, never say never. The idea on some levels is still erotic to her but also scary.

It took a long time from the second healing to be able to do nipple play again. This girl isn’t sure whether as a result of that her sensitivity is greater it seems that way and sometimes when clamps are used she has a similar queasy feeling to when the needle went through and sometimes that throws off her head space when they are used. Though it’s usually ok and sensual and fun if she’s already spacy or distracted by other things as well. Grimly as you might know is slightly obsessed with sensory overkill anyway!

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11 thoughts on “A piercing scream

  1. It sounds like your body just can’t take piercings, some people react well and some don’t. An old friend years ago had a belly ring done, which kicked off an infection, which ended up indirectly to a bout of MS. She regrets what she did at an earlier age but blames being youth impatient.

  2. i’m the first to admit being impatient in my youth…probably i still am impatient with a lot of things!

  3. I’ve had nipple piercings twice too. It seems my body rejects them. I once had a navel piercing and that was rejected too. But I have had a horizontal clitoral hood piercing and two pairs of inner labia piercings for several years now, and those healed perfectly. Probably because it’s a different kind of skin ‘down there’ 😉

    Rebel xox

  4. Thisgirl, remember, the best things come to those that wait. Patience.

  5. It’s not just having piercings that can be an issue. One of the most stupid and idiotic things I ever saw (and believe me I’ve seen a few over the years) was a pregnant woman getting, get this, a left to right belly tattoo whilst seven months gone. Eh?

    Have not had the displeasure of bumping into her since, but god knows what the tattoo looks like now the bump has gone down. Idioticy at its best.

  6. Rebel, lol yes probably 😉

    sussexfog, I don’t understand how anyone could do that one thing doing things to your own body another when you’re also responsible for another life.

  7. To be honest, and I’m probably being a bit unfair, she wasn’t exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. You are not supposed to judge people but when something like that is rammed in your face it’s hard not to notice. The tattoo was shall we say on the large size, at least a foot and a half across. Now when my good partner was predgers with my first (and that’s a kink story and a half in itself) we had a cat that liked to sleep on her stomach, until the day the cat got kicked in the head because he was purring too noisily. What noise the poor kid was subjected to during that tattooing process, well……..

  8. Hello thisgirl,
    I do adore a woman with pierced nipples ~sigh~, but not everyone wants, or can do them. That is just reality.
    My Wife has thought about it, sometimes seriously, and sometimes more as a fantasy. We both realize that it may happen, or not, and it’s up to her.
    In the meantime, I make non-piercing nipple jewellery for her to wear that’s both visually attractive, and physically stimulating.
    I’ve given away lots of sets as door prizes when we used to attend regular lifestyle dances, and have made a few custom pieces for those that wanted them.
    I’ve just made and mailed a set of nipple and clit dangles for a lady in Austria, mostly because I wanted to try out an idea.
    If you’re interested in having some yourself, please do write.

  9. sussexfog,well I guess some people just don’t have any common sense

    Ned, i’ve got some nipple jewellery and such but sure if you have any pictures i’d be interested to see 🙂

  10. Thisgirl,
    I’ll have to make up some samples and take pictures. I’ve already deleted the ones of the set I just sent out. Those were the first I’ve made in awhile. Bear with me… 🙂

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