Love our Lurkers 8 !

Today is the wonderful love our lurkers day which was initiated by Bonnie, who was also the one who left my first ever comment, so I think it is very important for me to participate! I’ve participated in this most times its ran and its one of the blogs I look forward to writing and reading the comments on the most. Last year there were 19 comments it would be nice to beat that πŸ˜‰

Readers help keep blogs going. When I first started writing I didn’t expect anyone to read other than Grimly, but knowing other people were out there encouraged me to pour our my heart and details about my take on BDSM. I like my blog to reflect what BDSM in a loving relationship is really like for someone who is in every other sense the girl next door, and who has just been incredibly lucky in the people she’s made friends with!

Comments don’t ever have to be in agreement with any given subject, as long as they are constructive and polite (and not spam!)

I’ve appreciated comments and feedback a lot this year because I have found it very difficult to get into any sort of kinky headspace that often given real life events conspiring against us in the background. I suppose part of the reason why I like to keep the blog going though is that I like to show off and share my adventures, ok yes I can be a drama queen πŸ˜‰

In the last few years the blog has gotten gradually less and less anonymous with people who perhaps have first met me on here becoming friends in real life and those people are friends I hope to keep for a very long time not just because of kink but because they are special to me and very loved. That’s continued this year and I’ve made some lovely new friends and got together with old ones. It may sound cheesy but I do see regular readers/commenters as friends as well πŸ™‚

So this is your opportunity to leave Grimly & I a comment, whether or not you have before! You can say a bit about yourself, or leave ideas of what you might like to read here or see pictures about, give feedback, leave links to your own blog or just a general hello. Anonymous comments are okay too.

Last year’s comments were fantastic and very much appreciated by the two of us.

Please take this opportunity to stop by and say hello! Though to add to that, comments are always welcome on any post!

A full list of the blogs participating on LOL day is on Bonnie’s blog and updated throughout the day – please have a peak there may be a new favourite

Please also join in yourself if you have a blog !

So over to you…..please leave a comment!

27 thoughts on “Love our Lurkers 8 !

  1. I must say I love reading your blog it’s one of my daily activities, and it really brightens my day when I see a new post.

  2. Well, we’ve been around a while longer than your goodselves ( be careful how you answer that one ! lol ) Mrs KC of England; tarporley_biker ( and the current one I teased you with recently on Fetlife ) are some of the titles we’ve gone by over the years. I must admit though ( after the initial ‘weight’ of getting married ) that you two are still as fresh as cut grass on your approach to bondage…keep up the good work as this is still an excellant blog ( bigger pics for us pervs though, please ) !
    P.S. Sell the MGF and get Grimly a motorbike πŸ˜‰

    x KC

  3. Thanks for doing your fantastic blogπŸ˜ƒ. Hope you keep it up. Now that is love slelling the MG hope he is getting a Triumph best bikes on the market ( i own a Tiger)
    All the best Keith

  4. Happy LOL Day! First time on your site and I love reading about your adventures. You are courageous and competent woman, and an inspiration to us all.

  5. This is a wonderful blog and I read it every day. I like the posts you are writing. Sorry, but I don’t speak were well in english. I reading from Hungary.

    Thanks for everything! πŸ™‚

  6. I don’t often comment on here – I’ve posted on a few of your posts about shopping places for BDSM gear etc – but I do faithfully read the posts you put you. Drool over some of the positions you’re put in (and some of the equipment!), as I’m a big fan of bondage just for the sake of bondage, and a big restriction fan myself.

    Can’t remember when I started reading your blog… but it must be going back a couple of years!

    I must say you and Grimly are lucky to have each other… and your large circle of friends!

  7. I definitely don’t count as a ‘lurker’ anymore, as I know you know I read your blog. It’s always so well written, full of honesty and enjoyment, and it’s a wonderful window into a different world that I’m now so lucky to be a part of. I love that you post as Mrs_Feendish as well as thisgirl now as both sides of you are important to me!
    I don’t have any suggestions, I just hope that you keep writing, and that life becomes a lot more kink friendly for you in the next 12 months than it’s been in the last. Considering the stresses you’ve been under you’ve done an amazing job of keeping the blog ticking and the kink going.

  8. Hi thisgirl,

    Happy LOL 8 day! I’m a regular visitor to your blog, and always enjoy your posts.


  9. I refuse to delurk..!!!!! Lurking is totally what i do best. Ive been following your exploits, one way or another for many years before finally meeting the person (people) behind the blog (and what a fabulous couple they are). Its been a tough year and yet you’ve managed to keep the blog going, inspiring us all with your commitment and dedication. (Goes back to lurking)

  10. Me and the misses love reading your stories. They are inspirational and they remind us that there are other ‘normal people’ that love BDSM. (at parties you the people you meet you meet in the happy context so it sometimes feels a bit like they somehow get around the boring stuff and problems of everyday life. Reading how you deal with that helps ground us)

  11. Keep on keeping on doing what you do! Your updates ping into my email so i can keep up with what you do when you post

  12. Still lurking… I’m amazed at myself. Dunno if you remember, but I commented only once before, might have been LOL day last year, to say that I’m currently following your blog, but have never managed to stay with a blog for more than a few weeks.
    It helps that updates to this one come straight to my inbox. ^^
    I don’t read them all, but more often than not, the title intrigues me, so I click on it anyway. It’s been pretty fascinating, and I am fairly confident that won’t change. Keep up the good work! πŸ™‚
    – Dime

  13. *Stands up*
    Hello All, I am daever and I am a lurker
    *Sits back down*

    I have enjoyed the blog since I found it , many years ago and I still do, You are a great couple and your entries are always written in a very fun way.

    Keep on blogging


  14. You can find us on FetLife as jerry978.

    We have been following your journey forever and love how you write and share your experiences. Even more so we have enjoyed watching and reading wher your journey has taken you and look forward to seeing where you will go in the future. You are an example of to others in the community like us who perhaps are afraid of where we may end up.

    Cheers from Canada!

  15. Well it is good to see you back to getting some as well as giving some a bit more lately. I’d love to hear an occasional Grimly post as well as what you or your Mrs’ Fiendish subjects recall of a session. I find it facinating to get into the head of a sub as they try and remember what happened that they could not see or say anything to change, once they have had a chance to reflect.

    I don’t think you have given a real tour of the dungeon space yet with Grimly noting what each area and things is for. A question I would have is that, after you were finally in the same location, and had a room to play in when ever you wanted, it seems that there was possibly less play then were there was a distance between you. Why do you think it is less, when the situation is now aligned to have more?

    Lastly, it is good to hear snide comments from Mr. KC again. I wish you two would post regularly again, as I’m sure many of THe Fiendish fanatics would. Please drop some more breadcrumbs from time to time about what is going on!

  16. Hi Thisgirl

    I’ve become a regular reader of your blog. I’ve commented a few times and you’ve replied – that’s been both friendly and also helped me as I’ve begun my walk on the kink side.

    I love the glimpses you give us of all that advanced mechanical engineering that Grimly crafts for you. It beats changing fuses in plugs and checking the oil in my engine which is about the limit of my boyfriend’s engineering skill. The very thought of some of it sends shivers up my spine.

    You do something else too – you don’t just describe but also you reflect on your experiences of kink and life. That’s so much more engaging than the ‘He hit me. I screamed. He hit me again. I screamed again’ type of blog.

    So now I wait expectantly for each new post, listening for the click of my virtual letterbox, followed by soft padding of my virtual labrador’s paws as he brings me your words to read while I eat my non-virtual breakfast.


  17. Erm… hello!

    History has taught me that lurking is a lot safer than opening my mouth (or starting typing), so I tend to do that a lot. Slightly less so recently, but still quite a lot.

    I do enjoy your blog though. It’s fascinating for such a breadth of reasons – I enjoy reading your perspective on bondage and the kink lifestyle; I enjoy seeing and reading about Grimly and your remarkable collection of toys (and would love to hear more, both about their creation and their use!).

    Having gotten into photography recently, it’s also quite instructive to see the photos you post, and see and think about what characteristics are/were involved in shooting humans – both with and without clothes or bondage gear! And – forgive me! – thinking about whether I would have have taken them differently.

    You do manage to tickle a lot of my interests, all told! Bondage and kink; the emotions and thought processes behind bondage and kink*; the engineering, ingenuity and design required for such inventive kink; and photography in general.

    Keep posting, and I’ll try and stop lurking and comment more, promise.

    *Especially this one


  18. happy LOL day – i don’t often comment but always read and enjoy your blog.
    (And i know moly and she is the bestest girlie ever).


  19. Hi This Girl ( and Grimly!),

    How funny, I was going to mail you to say hi and to introduce myself as was feeling slightly bad about the fact that since discovering your blog I feel that there are some aspects of your life that you have so openly shared yet you know nothing about me.
    I think what I love the most about reading is firstly your eloquence and humour and your obvious love for your man and your friends! Your warmth and shines through and makes me smile.
    I’m married with young children and have loved bondage and messing about and playing games for as long as I can remember.
    Your blog gives us ideas as to things we can adapt and do together at home ( wouldn’t dare venture into a club or something, eeeek!! Far too scary!!)

    So a massive thank you from me as your creativity and ideas have definitely helped me with my own little journey.

    Take care,

    Love C x

  20. I love your blog and it is on my daily read list! I must say I am envious of all the awesome things you get to experience!

  21. To say hello to you both and hoping next year is an even better year for you both. Just to say hi and I think of you often and lurke on here still ;D hoping you are well, keep smiling x

  22. Thank you first of all to everyone who has commented I think this is my most amount of comments ever πŸ™‚

    So, will try to reply to all :

    Anonymous, thank you for commenting – I allowed anonymous comments for the first time in a long time for this LOL post and I’m pleased I did πŸ™‚

    KC, Grimly wants a boat at the moment rather than something land driven. How likely this is to happen…we’ll see!

    ashly, he used to have a triumph and a norton and all sorts of bikes. He even bought another after nearly getting killed on one and rode it home on crutches…he’s a bit bonkers at times.

    Michael, thank you for such a lovely first comment !

    Hungarian anonymous thank you for your comment too πŸ™‚

    Thehalfheard, thank you I think we’re lucky too. It might sound cheesy but I can’t imagine my life any different. Well, richer would be nice though lol

    anneomalley, no not a lurker part of the furniture i suppose ….well a very good chair that’s for sure πŸ˜›

    stevie, maybe we’ll manage it one of these days, just lately i have my hands full with the lady above.

    Spankedhortic, thanks for dropping by

    Hermione nice to see you here again πŸ™‚

    Thanks for your comment Camdencouple

    kenny, really glad i’ve met you now your art is fantastic and both myself and the lovely pup are very happy with our paintings!

    mari0, thanks for such a lovely comment, i’m not sure what normal is anymore actually but I know what you mean πŸ˜‰

    DJ, thanks for still reading πŸ™‚

    Dime, thanks for still following, I try and catch the reader with the title and I have an obsession with idioms that don’t perhaps always fit 100% don’t know if anyone has noticed or not lol

    ronniesoul, thanks for visiting, please do come back !

    daedae you are a very special friend to me and always my favourite belgian πŸ™‚

    Simon, thanks for your comment just perving your pictures – this is lovely!

    Tim, we’ve just really played a lot less this year particularly because we’ve had a lot of familiy upset thats taken up most of the last seven months or so and sort of still continuing though, after this week not to such an extent I”m pleased to say. I’m hoping next year is more kink filled! Grimly doesn’t like writing so much but I”ll pester him to write some more. I don’t think Id like to publish my subbies writing here since its MY blog i’m kind of possessive of it…Molly might start her own blog i’ll link to it if she does. Toydolly who i’ve played with already does have her own – πŸ™‚

    i’l do a tour just for you, I think what i’ll do is make it a kinky advent hows that πŸ˜‰

    Sophie, am pleased to have made contact with you , I hope you continue to enjoy my blog and please drop me a line anytime πŸ™‚

    Starbeard, thanks for such a nice comment. our photos aren’t 100% perfect, just snapshots usually of what is actualy happening. Some of my pics are from dedicated photo shoots but most are real play and just an insight πŸ™‚

    Libby, I have to say I agree! Hope everything goes well with the new twins when they arrive πŸ™‚

    C, going to things in public isn’t really all that scary, everyone else is in the same situation. I like play at home more I think, but I do like getting out and meeting people. Maybe one day you will dip outside I hope you enjoy it if so.

    Andy, aww beware the green eyed monster πŸ˜‰

    Vicky hope things are well with you thank yo for your comment !

    Westfalen, I do – especially ones as fantastic as these

    Thanks again everyone!

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