D is for . . .

This post is by this girl’s dominant alter-ego Mrs Feendish….

I stole the letter D from Grimly ….with the help of my friend and occasional play thing, toy dolly.

Anyway, D is for Dolly of course. However it is also for drinking gag, diaper position, dildo and of course diabolical.  I added a vibrator and clit electrodes just to be doubly despicable 😉 I suppose it’s also for dominant, since I was the dom for this alphabet themed scenario rather than the sub!


Quite honestly I was relieved Grimly wasn’t doing this to me! I think sometimes I am more sadistic and twisted to women than he is to me. This might be a challenge for him to be more sadistic next time but I think I would quite like that since it’s a while since we played really hard. (probably I will regret saying that) I think Grimly and I though have long been at that point where we are very similar in our ideas and outlooks, certainly he would have rigged the scene very similarly i think, though of course not exactly the same. Of course I do still have that dangerous habit of giving him ideas of things to do that I hate to love. I am fortunate though that he lets me have these sadistic outlets as well as mascohistic and submissive ones, but then, without it I would perhaps be a nagging wife or something.dolly2

Dolly however couldn’t really nag much. The drinking gag stopped any sort of protests. It is an interesting toy because the gag sits so far back in the mouth that it is impossible to get the tongue to stop the flow of liquid and therefore there is no option but to drink no matter whether you want to or not and no matter whether its making you want to go to the bathroom or not. Well she wasn’t getting to the bathroom quickly like this thats for sure!

Also beginning with D is dacryphilia, or crying fetish, and whether she was close to tears with pain or orgasm i’m not really exactly sure 😉 Though I can take a wild guess!

6 thoughts on “D is for . . .

  1. The Drinking gag is Different, a novel Diversion from the norm, and Doubtless you would not let Dolly Drown, all Dominants have a Duty of care to their subjects especially when the are helpless in your Dungeon.

    Yes I do have dungeon in the house I live in as well as two sensory deprivation chambers. After laying dormant for over 50 years my dominant side has reared it ugly head once more, though grace my maid has never once said I have ever gone too far even when I felt guilty that I had.

    I am still submissive to my Mistress of course.

  2. Drinking gag? never seen one, clever. I use an O-ring gag and drip water off a hankie that is rubber banded to a water bottle to do my version of the mid-evil water torture. You could do the same with the gag, just lean over and pinch her nostrils shut……

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