A strapping lad

A couple of weeks ago this girl and Grimly had a new friend from Belgium to stay, JohnMik of insane-girls.com, it was an interesting visit of pretty much 36 hours of bondage and not much else!

He arrived on the Friday afternoon with two massive suitcases of kink for this girl to try. Essentially an assortment of straightjackets and sleepsacks and other bondage stuff. Obviously it ALL needed to be tried, so hopefully you will enjoy the various pictures. John did also take some video too that might appear on his website or on fetlife when edited. So watch this space!

The first thing this girl tried was one of his leather straightjackets. This one was a very good fit! The thing with John though is that like Grimly, he likes bondage overkill and incredibly tight straps. And…then some more straps. And some more on top of those 😉

It was sort of odd to be put in bondage by a guy other than Grimly, although he assisted and collaborated by seeing how John’s gear would work alongside other things in the playroom, leaving this girl rather helpless.

Not at all a complaint 😉

7 thoughts on “A strapping lad

  1. Very nice straightjacket. Good to see you still enjoy thisgirl’s play. I hope we may we see more shots of her from the weekend.

  2. Oh my gosh I don’t know what to say. This picture is so hot! You’re always beautiful, of course, but the simple lines of this strait jacket, the perfect cut and fit, and the mask.. and still being able to see your eyes.. and the addition of the Hitachi.. perfect!

  3. yes straps are easier to deal with than ropes and have more of a secure feel as it appears you are enjoying in your pic!

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