She won’t get off scot free!

This post is by this girl’s dominant alter-ego Mrs Feendish.

My submissive girl Molly has now been living in Scotland about a month. It has been so nice to have her closer by and also to be able to introduce her to our various international friends including our Belgian friend Daever who was visiting last week.

Last Saturday the three of us went for a scenic drive including on some roads I’d not been on before around the Trossachs and Loch Lomond and we ended up on the slightly less touristy but perhaps prettier eastern side of Loch Lomond as opposed to on the main road. Sometimes deviating from the main route is a good choice to take the path less travelled 😉

I really like this photo Daever took of us since I think it shows how close and happy we are and how nice an evening it was all together.

Since moving here Molly has been mostly well behaved but showed off a bit in front of our visitors – to their amusement – but it won’t go unpunished. I’ve started a punishment log for her and she currently has 46 strokes of the cane to get but it might be more by the time she next visits. I worry actually she’ll end up copying how I am with Grimly and turn into a brat !

Mind you it is fun to have an excuse to punish her 😉

Regardless though I am really pleased to have her in my life. Well our life actually as her being around affects Grimly too. She is such a lovely kind and caring person and tries to carry the worries of everyone around her. I wish she wouldn’t do that so much as most people can take care of themselves with just sometimes a little help, but that would be like asking the sun not to rise.

I do want to protect her when I can though from upset and distress and I’m not sure she fully understands it but that is why I’ve said that (at least for the moment) I don’t want her playing with other people or going to fetish events without me or dating. It might sound possessive and controlling but it is only because I have someone I want to protect from harm and hurt and that I do actually CARE ( a lot  A girl I used to play with ended up with a very dangerous dom after we stopped playing and I suppose I just worry about the same thing happening, especially when I have an idea what sort of people locally are ‘available’ and well yes okay I don’t want to get hurt either.

I want the only hurt that happens to her to be what I can control and that is of a pleasurable variety, I mean I know that wont always be the case since there are things that are outwith my control, but I can do what I can even when its only a hug.


5 thoughts on “She won’t get off scot free!

  1. When I was walking towards you and saw you both sitting there with the sun slowly starting to disappear, I just knew this was a moment I had to try and capture. Therefore I am glad the picture came out well as for me it embodies three things I noticed while visiting, happiness, trust and sharing.

    I can say that it was a true honour to meet Molly and I already count her amongst friends I care deeply about.

    As usual your words are beautiful and make me smile.

    On a final note, rest assured, Molly is already a brat, but a kindhearted one.

  2. Anyone who knows you or who reads your blog will know how lucky and happy I must be to be a part of your lives, though only I can know exactly how good a friend, mentor and owner you really are for me and it’s more than I can put into words – not having your talent for writing – but I know you’ll understand. You and Grimly have been brilliant and I’m very happy that I now live north of that border!

    Daedae, It was such a pleasure to meet you, and I love the photograph and your comment, but I’m a little puzzled about how you’ve muddled me up with someone else you must have met on your travels? … Me? A brat? Already? Impossible.

  3. Molly is so lucky to have yourself as her guide in the bdsm jungle 😊.what a fantastic photo! Its a great area the Trossachs but very prone to rain

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