C is for . . .

So continuing this little alphabet series, here is Grimly’s take on ‘C’

This perhaps doesn’t need too much explanation, but C is for catsuit,cuffs,chains, clamps, corset and collar. There are a lot of kinky things that begin with C 🙂

The most dangerous one though is not shown in this picture….curiosity.

This girl would have never met Grimly had she not been curious about trying lots of things that he could offer. A rather dangerous curiosity, since everything she found out she just wanted more.

It’s still dangerous because even now if she sees something new to try or a new idea she is still curious about it…right up until the point it gets uncomfortable 😉


13 thoughts on “C is for . . .

  1. Glad to see letter “C”. I’d been waiting for the next installment in the Alphabet series. I was afraid you’d gotten tied up somewhere and forgotten us …. Thanks

  2. thanks stevie, it was fun to do this 🙂

    S, we’re a little behind after having guests the last few weeks but our friends helped us with H & J just need to catch up before we can post them LOL

    The Refined Dominant, thanks I think lol

    kenny, glad you like, hope you are well need to catch up soon 🙂

  3. Now that I am back home I can finally comment, The alphabet has never been more interesting and looking forward to D and the others. However, I am glad some suggestions didn’t make the cut 😉

  4. No he means the suggestions I had for d with daedae, but he’s off the hook I was just winding him up. Our d plans involve a certain dolly when we can arrange it 😉

  5. I guess a chastity could have been added over that too to complete the cycle

  6. yes good point re the most powerful ‘c’ in kink perhaps being curiosity as it does lead to so much as you aptly illustrate above, and hopefully it won’t kill the cat !…..only hurt it a bit:)

  7. Tim, we’d thought about chastity but he was insistent on the clamps and they wouldn’t have worked together. Would have hurt less though LOL

    westfal good job that cat has a few lives to spare 😉

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