In the pink!

At the weekend this girl performed her first ever burlesque act at Cabaresque V in Glasgow under the pseudonym of Elle Ohhhh πŸ˜‰

She had agreed to perform there as she had done half a dozen burlesque classes in 2011 which had been organised by a friend, and it was that friend’s birthday celebration and for charity. Grimly had sort of encouraged her into doing it as well of course.

This girl had been planning it and working it out since the summer but to be honest had left a lot of working out the act to the last few weeks during august before the arrival of international friends this month which was perhaps a little last minute!

The act was performed to Pink! by Aerosmith, picked just really because this girl likes the song and felt she could do something sensual and feminine with it.

This girl had pink everything for it right down to the nipple tassles πŸ˜‰

Despite feeling as though she was about as prepared as she could be this girl was incredibly nervous. This girl is not confident about her body image at times so doing a burlesque strip tease in front of people was a scary concept! It might sound odd but it was scarier than flying to Canada to meet JG Leathers, or walking down folsom street as a ponygirl, or being a spanking model all together! Having said that, in all honesty, this girl IS an exhibitionist but can usually only enjoy that if she feels she is doing something the best she possibly can and to be honest until after it was all over she wasn’t sure whether she could. It was scary as well knowing most of the other acts were semi-professional and experienced performers.

She found out on arrival that hers would be the third performance. The rest of the performers were very supportive of it being her first time and that helped a lot, she also walked onto the stage area and realised that the spotlights meant that she would not see most of the audience too clearly which also helped. However the moment she stood on the stairs waiting for her song to start was one of the most scariest moments of her life,but yes also perhaps one of the most exciting.

Once it started there wasn’t a lot else she could do other than do her best. It didn’t go perfectly, her dress got stuck and she didn’t probably do it exactly as she rehearsed but on the whole this girl is okay with how it went. The crowd cheering and whistling was a very nice feeling but she wasn’t 100% sure it was good until afterwards when she saw the pictures since this girl didn’t realise she’d even smiled at all during it and was expecting the photos would show terror but they didn’t!

The whole thing was a very strange but wonderful experience it sort of felt a bit like it was happening to someone else since so many feelings and emotions were happening. In a way a bit like getting married in the sense there was a lot of planning and preparation for the thing itself to be wonderful and yet a whirlwind and over quite quickly and yet a fantastic memory.

This girl is really not sure at the moment if she could or would do it again. The nerves were quite intense but the feeling afterward was amazing especially when she saw Grimly’s expression afterwards showing happiness and pride in her. Also, the fact that she had so much support and so many wonderful and very valued friends in the audience made the night very special.

This girl is really glad though she did it . The person she was ten years ago would not have dreamed of doing something like this , nor would the one she was five years ago really, or even perhaps last year. Grimly continues to do wonders for her confidence and without him she would not have the extra little bit of confidence required to pursue her dreams and fantasies with vigour and she is so happy that he enjoyed it.

Anyway, here is the song :

12 thoughts on “In the pink!

  1. Fantastic photos, you look the part. Just a shame could not watch you live. Congratulations on following your dream!!!
    Great song

  2. It looks like you did an awesome job!! I love your song choice, it’s very fitting.

  3. Thank you all for the lovely comments, i don’t think there’s any video, though i’m quite relieved about that lol

  4. Hey, I usually don’t post comments on your blog, but I just wanted to say that you look absolutely lovely in these photos. And I do think it’s amusing how it was one of your more vanilla pictures that inspired me to write! For a kinkster like me, that’s delightfully odd.

  5. Thanks daedae i’m glad you were there πŸ™‚

    Fr, thanks for commenting, i’m not sure how vanilla taking clothes off in public is mind you πŸ˜‰
    but yes, burlesque is sort of the acceptable end of doing that. I mentioned it to some people I work with but i’m not showing THEM any photos LOL

  6. Good Luck:) you are doing well, thank you for sharing your experience, it is very encouraging.

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