Married into it

Yesterday was Grimly and this girl’s second wedding anniversary and it was celebrated with a lovely dinner with some very good friends all of whom are kink or at least kink aware and who are passionate about the things they do.

It is good to have a husband and friends that you do not need to hide things from, where fantasies can be discussed freely without fear of negative judgement.

This girl has never understood marriages where one or other of the partners is kink but hides it from their spouse. There are relationships where kink is discussed and understood but not shared, and that’s healthy but to hide it in a closet and to be sneaky about it? This girl just doesn’t understand that at all. She is lucky though in that she found Grimly because she wanted to play with someone who could make things she’d imagined for years come to life and just so happened to fall in love with him. She couldn’t not really.

This girl knew what sort of man she was marrying. One that was fun, imaginative, devious , but deep down actually a good man  and loving and supportive partner. She would have married him after knowing him about two years (or less!) if he had asked but good things are worth waiting for.

This girl and Grimly got engaged in Canada at a party hosted by JG Leathers and his wife who also helped make the honeymoon special with their hospitality and friendship. The picture below was taken at the end of Folsom Street Fair 2011 after this girl finally took off the hoof boots she’d worn for a few hours in the heat of San Francisco. Knowing Grimly was proud of her that day meant a lot more than parading about in bondage or being photographed by hundreds of people. Whilst this girl is an exhibitionist really there is only one person that she cares about noticing and admiring her. The same man who said ‘Wow’ at about 2pm as she met him at the front of the church two years ago yesterday.

This girl and Grimly’s life is not as heavily kink intensified as it might appear. It is at times, but those times are pretty condensed into a loving and almost normal? relationship.

However, the things she has shared with him and the people that she has met through living this kind of life has added colour and intensity and fun that she would not exchange.

After the sad loss of Gord last week this girl has thought a lot about how the ladies in his life must feel knowing that they might not have such an intensifying ride again, since sometimes kink and play is such that you meet someone who is the flip side of your coin who makes your fantasies come to life magically and losing that must be very hard.

Kink is not everything of course if this girl lost Grimly she would miss his cuddles and having conversations with him, and cooking dinner with him as much as having a ride in his  dentist chair. In different ways, but those things are as important.

This girl did not know Gord other than to exchange a few small messages on fetlife but over the years she has been inspired by his photos and creativity and obvious passion for what he does and ok yes, perhaps a little envy at some  of the devices and beautiful ladies he got to use them on.

Women that meet inspirational, devious, sadist buggers do so for one reason and that reason is very primal and driven by fantasy and imagination and a sort of fascinating curiosity. However those women generally find that such men have more to them than images on the internet show, they have their hopes and fears like anyone else and they do these weird and wonderful things because it’s what they love, and quite often, it’s for who they love.

An imagination and passion for adventure is no fun at all unless there is someone special to share it with and this girl would like to think Gord had a good life sharing that with people special to him, in a similar way to what she does.  Perhaps meeting people due to a shared passion, but then staying friends due to so much more than that.

This girl would not change the husband or friends she has for a minute.


17 thoughts on “Married into it

  1. Here’s to you both having many more! As it happened we spent Monday in the deepest depths of Ayrshire, both of us.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both, may you live well and prosper.

  3. This is a beautiful post and it really expresses something of the amazing marriage you’ve created, and your generosity and happiness in sharing what you have with your friends. I couldn’t feel luckier or happier to have met you through our ‘shared passion’, but you’re right that it’s absolutely everything else which makes you such wonderful friends. Here’s to many many more Happy Anniversaries!

  4. First off, congratulations with your anniversary,
    This post is just a testament on why I keep returning to your blog and I am honoured to know you both, it is wonderfully written and the love you have for each other clearly shows through.
    May many more anniversaries follow.
    Very nice picture

  5. Lovely post. A belated happy anniversary to you two – hope you had a lovely day.
    See you soon, I hope.
    singleglove1971 xxx

  6. How wonderful to find this blog. I’ve only just begun my own journey in these fields, and I am excited to have found a place to learn about the submissive’s experience as I seek to guide my own slave.

  7. such a well written and thoughtful description of good relationships kink and otherwise::)….especially your point that we meet others oftentimes for and via kink interests, but you stay with them, when you do, for broader and more traditional ones.

  8. Best wishes (although late) and congratulations! Simply a wonderful article and very touching picture.

  9. Thankyou I’m glad you enjoyed it, the folsom stree day is one of my most favourite days ever! Since I met so many wonderful people and shared it with my new hubby 🙂 He’s not so new anymore but I still love him LOL

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