Has she got the bottle?

This is a post by Mrs Feendish this girl’s alter-ego.

Molly has recently moved to Scotland and so came over last weekend for a visit it now being so handy πŸ™‚ She provided a lot of help with domestic duties ready for the impending visit of JG Leathers to Scotland and as a reward deserved a little attention πŸ˜‰

I decided it would be fun to restrain her in the butterfly straight jacket (from Mchurt)Β and ballet boots so she couldn’t move whilst I used various implements on her bottom. Do you think she looks worried?


After I had chastised Molly a little with paddles and my hand I decided it would be interesting to see what effect breathing through the bubbler bottle at the same time as being caned would have on her. Usually when the bubbler bottle has been used before its in conjunction with rubber and electrics so to use it with leather and corporal punishment was interesting and it was sexy to hear frenzied bubbling noises instead of gasps and screams πŸ˜‰

Despite the evilness of that though she seemed to be quite blissed out πŸ™‚


Sorry this post is short, but hopefully the pictures do the talking and we are now trying to get organised for various international visitors, watch this space for lots more fun ! πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Has she got the bottle?

  1. She looks so relaxed, and after all of her domestic chores. Is that irn- bru in the bubbler? Have fun with your visitors!

  2. I like the bondage table! Looks like it would be a reasonably easy conversion, and versatile… Does it work well? Perhaps my next project. She looks like she spaced out quite nicely, love your blog!

  3. Keith, its not irn bur i would tell you what it is but its a top secret recipe so i can’t.

    Andy, its a massage table (from ebay) just with a few added attachments! lol

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