Stick together

This post is by this girl’s alter ego Mrs Feendish…

When Molly came to visit a week or so ago it was still very hot here in Scotland so I decided if we played at all it would need to be relatively simple and low-tech.

Having said that, it’s very difficult for me to keep something low-tech without it eventually spiralling into more elaborateness. Where do I get that from I wonder 😉

Anyway. For a change I decided to wrap her in bondage tape leaving gaps for her boobs and for her bottom so that she would be then so tightly wrapped that she wouldn’t be able to stop the exposed parts of her body being tortured – and wouldn’t be able to get away from the wand that I had taped between her legs.


I had forgotten how much fun bondage tape is to use since I have not played with it as dom or as sub for many years and not played with any type of mummification or wrap of any kind since Grimly and I were in San Francisco and the boys there were being wrapped up.

My wrapping isn’t to the quality of the work of my friend Mummyed since I left quite a lot of gaps and used far more tape than I needed but I think it looks good though 🙂 Things certainly got more interesting once I took advantage of those bits of skin I’d missed covering!

Having her bottom  so tightly wrapped though made it quite a small and precise a target area and left quite noticeable spank lines when I took the tape off. To be honest the unwrapping part of slowly revealing a spaced out turned on subby was as much fun as the  taping up part had been if not more. It made me wonder why I don’t do this type of play more often, but then doing different things and having variety is a lot of fun 🙂


Anyway I have plenty of time to come up with some wicked ideas to torment this young lady some more as she moves to Scotland soon so will only be an hour car drive away as opposed to four times as far.

Let’s hope she sticks around for a while 😉

4 thoughts on “Stick together

  1. You do post such immensely powerful imagery and words regardless of whichever persona is switched in. i am trying to imagine the deep deep drive which took Molly to your front door!

  2. love how Mrs. Feendish seems to have a bent for integrating nipple torment with bondage and sens dep!

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