Mad, bad and dangerous to know?

A wicked Wednesday post : the theme this week is warnings

When this girl first met Grimly he had a warning message on his profile. Well, maybe a warning, or maybe a boast? It was ‘mad, bad and dangerous to know’. This girl has never asked what his inspiration for that was, whether it was Byron or Dead or Alive, but it was what he billed himself as.

To be honest, this girl never noticed that part of his profile until she was already hooked in anyway, and if she had paid any attention to it, well, it might have made her even more determined than she was to investigate such claims.

Some people she knew on the local bdsm scene tried to warn her off Grimly actually, but given those that did were mostly known vindictive nasty pieces of work themselves she didn’t listen. She did listen though to a friend of his who told her things that painted him in a more human light than the villanous and dangerous light he might have wanted to paint himself in.

Maybe sometimes its hard for a dom to write a profile that looks suitably sadistic and dominant and yet sane enough to be drawn to. Every girl likes as bit of rough 😉 Well anyway, this girl’s attention was captured by some of the words on the page but also by his photographs backing up some of the things he’d said.

The truth is, eight years later he isn’t mad or bad to know, he makes this girl quite happy. The only danger about being with him is this girl dreads dealing with the day that she might lose him.

People had tried to warn her about her ex too, and she hadn’t listened then either, and wished she had.

The thing is, when you are with someone it’s really hard to believe anyone who might say something negative and sometimes the only way to verify an opinion of someone is to find out yourself regardless of whether that takes one date or a couple of years of an unhappy relationship. Though in the case of her ex, this girl could see the warning signs really, just chose to ignore them until they were twenty-foot high and neon. She’d like to think she’s developed a better judgement of people and of her trusting her own reactions though as she’s gotten older.

Some people over the years have commented that the play Grimly does with this girl looks dangerous and that it should perhaps come with health warnings. It’s nonsense. Grimly is the most safe and caring dom this girl has ever met. Yes his ideas are a bit mental sometimes, but he tests everything new and is always fully vigilant. This girl knows Grimly would rip apart a piece of equipment too if it meant avoiding injury to her if something was going wrong. People can’t replaced, bits of leather and rope can.

This girl likes sometimes that things *look* dangerous and risky and adventurous and also that they sometimes feel that way, when at the same time she knows she’s in safe and caring hands.

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7 thoughts on “Mad, bad and dangerous to know?

  1. I am glad you have such a great and caring Dom, he sounds perfect for you. I wish you both many more years of wonderful experiences together.

  2. It’s more a case of most peoples profiles being a defence shield of sorts, warding off the usual collection of chancers and timewasters. I use the Byron quote on many sites I’m registered to, having been bitten by a timewaster in the past, that outer layer filters out the ones who are just trolling along. As with you and Grimly, you have discovered his real side, your persistence paid off. Myself and my partner have been married for near on eleven years now, and it’s still as fresh now as it was then back in Jan 99 when we first met. Why? Because we respect each others position and when it comes to the bedroom we have no secrets about what we like and how we want to be serviced (for want of a better word) for that evenings session. The only thing we have found as we have gotten older is that some of the positions we did like as thirty-somethings is now getting difficult in our mid forties, but hey, my best advice to all is make hay while the sun shines. Bacchus had the right idea.

  3. Grimly is the man for you, without question, without doubt
    Happy screams, and Scottish Curses, these he makes you shout
    The danger you seek, is to make you feel weak
    While helplessly positioned with no clout

  4. One line says it all for me….

    “This girl knows Grimly would rip apart a piece of equipment too if it meant avoiding injury to her if something was going wrong.”

    That one statement says that it is right and that he is right for you and you for him.

    ~Mia~ xx

  5. Hi babe. Looked at most of your pics. U are one lovely lady. U look stunning in every pic. I would love 2 see u in your wedding dress , thigh boots , hose clamp and suspenshion bondage. That would be good. Just a idea. Thanks again 4 the pics u sent, I do love them. U are amazing.

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