Hello Dolly!

This post is by this girl’s alter ego Mrs Feendish…

When ToyDolly was over a few weeks ago I’d asked her to bring over the female mask she had recently purchased. 

It was the first time I have played with anyone wearing a ‘human’ mask since I last saw STEFFY. I had a lot of fun with STEFFY both over in Canada and also when she came to visit Grimly’s old playroom a few years ago and I really do hope I will get to collaborate with her again some time as some of the memories are amongst my favourite – including this photo shoot.

I remember that when I first met STEFFY at the airport I was quite baffled to see her as a he since I had only really seen masked pictures before actually meeting. The transformation to doll with STEFFY is amazing since she turns a very male body into a very female one, and put lots of research into getting the mask and the look just right and extremely recognizable to rubberists worldwide.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that it is sort of bizarre to meet a masker in the flesh if you’ve only known them as the mask. I suppose like Lois Lane realizing Clark Kent is Superman. So, it was different to sort of try the opposite.

I’ve only recently got to know ToyDolly a bit better but I’ve known the girl behind her as a person for most of the time i’ve been on the local fetish scene so approximately ten years or so. It’s safe to say that both our kinks and fetishes have developed and perhaps changed in that time.

So, the transformation was quite interesting, as I posted the other day, it is one thing to encase someone in latex and strip them of personality, but it is another again to see them take another personality.  It made it more interesting I think as well for it to be human girl to doll girl transformation as opposed to human boy – since I don’t really as a rule play or intend to play with people other than Grimly who have male anatomy. I just find females more fun to torment I suppose when I’m the one in control 😉


In the pictures Dolly is wearing the butterfly straight jacket I have from TLC together with her latex catsuit and also the metal collar my friend Henry from Canada made combined with some other er steel accessories (those can be left to your imagination 😉 )

Dolly is sort of the shy silent type when in this role and very obedient, so I could perhaps just move her into any position within physical limitations the same as barbie doll. Mind you, not a one of my Barbie dolls survived – they all had either limbs or heads missing in the end. I was nice to dolly though I think, subjecting her just to some latex and steel bondage.

Despite the permanent expressions the mask gives, it seems as though a sort of blissed out in bondage expression showed through 😉


5 thoughts on “Hello Dolly!

  1. You said ” Mind you, not a one of my Barbie dolls survived – they all had either limbs or heads missing in the end.” Must remember that if I ever feel like submitting to you 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Sissy BARBIE

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