Under her belt

A wicked Wednesday post : the first line is the theme for the story (FACT not FICTION in this case!)

A re-telling of something that happened a little while ago, so apologies to loyal readers, but hopefully ones that have read less than 3 or so years will like this 🙂

Grimly touched the little box in his pocket and smiled.

This girl heard a shrill noise and waited in fear to feel the shock that would follow but nothing happened.

At least not this time.It was a warning only.

Grimly had built her a chastity belt that was remote control in three devious and cunning ways. The belt was evil in itself since it was measured to fit her exactly and no more thus ensuring it was snug enough for her to wear a skirt without anyone guessing, and so tight that she couldn’t do anything but suffer its torments and pleasures.

The belt could be controlled in several ways. First and foremost, as a simple chastity belt stopping this girl from being able to touch herself at all and thus making her incredibly horny and frustrated. However,it just being a chastity belt was evil enough for Grimly.

He added a remote control shocker (the type used in dog collars sometimes) and placed the prongs so they would sit just behind the clit. The ‘clit shocker’ has two buttons – one to make a noise only, and one to deliver a shock of varying levels from one up to nine.

In addition to that, he also modified a remote control vibrator to give pleasure as well as pain and also the belt can be used in conjunction with an estims uk remote control as well which works with all manner of anal and vaginal electrodes (amongst other things)


On this occasion Grimly had made this girl wear the belt for a shopping trip to ASDA with just the clitoral zapper attached. His wry smile as he followed her around whilst she picked  up groceries whilst having one hand in his pocket left her so on edge that she gripped the trolley handle as though it were a white knuckle ride.

He had the shocker set to about level five, which is very nippy and difficult to hide a reaction to. However, even just hearing the ‘training noise’ made this girl jump and her feelings were so very difficult to disguise.

One domestic thing about Grimly is that he hardly ever puts the groceries into the bags at the end of the checkout. This is just really a wifely grumble, but he doesn’t.  It was quite a big shop. The girl at the checkout said ‘oh isn’t he being mean to you not helping you pack?’

‘Oh yes,’ this girl said, ‘he’s very mean!’. Grimly’s eyes said all that he needed to say as he pressed the button of the controller hidden in his pocket. This girl bit her lip to avoid reacting to the shock but at the same time was perhaps the most turned in public she had been. Undoubtedly it was also the most interesting food shopping she’d done.


It is an interesting device to have, but the reason why this girl likes it the most is Grimly’s ability to make this led to a request from a couple to order one….and they ended up being two of this girl and Grimly’s best friends and also Grimly’s best man 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Under her belt

  1. Our themes this week end up being somewhat parallel 😉
    Fun concept, I would wear a belt if Sir asked!

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. Wow. Just wow.

    I’ve wanted to do something in public like this, but yeah, just a matter of having a remote control e-stim unit, lol 🙂

  3. oh I like the sounds of one of those. I know a certain lady in my world that enjoy something like this. Thank you for sharing

  4. It sounds like ‘fun’ to wear a chastity belt. It is something I have always been very curious about. Thanks for sharing this again for Wicked Wednesday 🙂

    Rebel xox

  5. Interesting that you bring up the item you love to hate ( or is it hate to love). Grimly, sounds like the Mrs is pineing for a nice lock up for an undisclosed time period. ;0)

  6. What a creative belt! I am very transparent, don’t know if I could control my reactions enough to go out in public with something even half that.

  7. As the lucky recipient and wearer of the other belt mentioned, I am sure my lovely maxi would confirm everything thisgirl has written above about its effectiveness. And the original idea for the control-belt was her own………..

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