Lick into shape

This post is by Mrs Feendish this girl’s alter-ego

A few weeks ago I had a visit from my friend ToyDolly who is very much into masks, latex, and of course dollification.

With hindsight this session was ‘slight insanity’ since it was so very hot here in Scotland (and still is). I think this last few weeks is the most sun I have seen in Scotland in all the rest of the time I’ve lived here (nearly 10 years now) added together!

As a result of the heat, getting dolly into her latex catsuit was rather challenging but the end result was worthwhile especially when combined with a gorgeous hood, corset and neck corset, boots and latex fist mitts. There wasn’t really an awful lot of skin left showing apart from her lips!

It is quite interesting to watch the transformation from girl next door to total latex coverage, as the personality is slightly stripped away and modified. I’d put her in the chair because I thought the brainwashing feel it would give would add to that and experimented with some Rimba electric breast cups which I connected via the chair umbilical to the ET312 at the other side of the room which could then be used to aid doll re-programming. Well in truth, the main reason was because it was one of the most sadistic things I could do with the limitations of the latex packaging. I could at least twiddle the knobs to my heart’s content until the doll made the correct noises or something close. Perhaps these pictures will answer the question of whether I am indeed as mean as Grimly when i dom.


Honestly, the answer is I’m not sure I am meaner or not, but I am a little different and I will at least look after someone if they get too hot by providing refreshments and such 😉


The lolly did make an awful lot of mess though and I had to change it for something that dolly would enjoy licking without making so much of a mess. Luckily we have the technology for that. Probably giving her additional things to think about helped her forget about the heat too;


She was left a rather tormented latex mannequin though she seemed happy enough about it 🙂

Dolly’s verison of events here

7 thoughts on “Lick into shape

  1. Great read and I am sure Dolly was delighted with the treatment. Just to make sure, going to read her version again.

  2. I wonder if you refrigerated that black lollipop first? That’s kind of an oxymoron, don’t you think? Yo ho ho it’s a dead mans ….!!

  3. Oooh, a black lollipop ice pack style would have been highly amusing 🙂

    It’s not often that I am grateful for a cold breeze, but the ice lolly and lovely big fan were much appreciated.

  4. lol @ daedae

    thanks stevie

    Carl, you’ll just have to wonder

    ToyDolly, not even *I* break toys the first time i play with them LOL

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