In graphic detail

At the weekend this girl and Grimly went to a Comicon event locally. This girl had never been to one before but it was an excuse to get a superhero costume made and to dress up and have some fun 🙂

This girl had been tempted to go as Harley Quinn since Harley is one of Grimly’s favourite comic characters but she wanted something a little rarer and more unique. So as this girl and Grimly both like Alan Moore’s graphic novels she decided to go as silk spectre II from Watchmen. The outfit in the film was most likely latex so she felt it would be possible to do that and look authentic. Her friend tlcdesigns made the outfit and this girl just added gloves ,boots,belt and tights.


This girl is really pleased with how the outfit turned out and it was fun walking into a venue filled with geeks dressed in latex. Some of them complimented her on the outfit as well the only downside really was that it was sweltering hot!

As part of the event there was a cos play contest and parade and so this girl entered that along with many batman , doctor who and anime characters. A lot of the outfits were very well thought out and it shows a lot of people take comics and graphic novels quite seriously!

This girl is not sure who actually won the contest but it was fun to take part. Walking past the audience and being photographed so much reminded her a lot of Folsom Street though Comicon wasn’t half as much fun.

It was a good excuse to get some more latex though! 🙂


9 thoughts on “In graphic detail

  1. It was a great day and judging by the pics you looked awesome and probably took the place by storm. You would also have made an AWESOME harley….. Mibbee next year 🙂

  2. You look so good. Next time I’m in abit of bother I will call you to rescue me

  3. Kenny, don’t know if i’ll go next year, apart from the dressing up it was just way too geeky for me :p

    Thanks stevie & everay

    Keith, ok just as long as its a worthwhile predicament 😉

  4. Excellent article and zenith pictures! You should have won. As far as the so called judges who blatantly missed this one: they are proof why, in some species, they eat their young.

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