Woman in black

this post is by Mrs Feendish this girl’s alter-ego

I have always wanted a photo outside Virginia Court in Glasgow which is a listed building connected to the tobacco trade and also once some sort of corset shop though how long it has been closed I don’t know long before my living memory anyway!

Therefore on a quiet Sunday morning a few weeks ago Grimly and I decided to do some drive by photo shooting watched only by a handful of  employees of the Marks & Spencers opposite having their cigarette break! lol

The picture hasn’t really turned out too good as I forgot how far away Grimly would have to stand to get me in the picture and the sign. Though regardless of  the picture quality I wanted to post it as the outfit is pretty similar to what I wore for the fem-domme event at devotion so I sort of wanted to post it for that reason.

I like dressing up a lot when i’m ‘thisgirl’ I love it. It’s part of getting into the headspace and part of my kink. As Mrs Feendish I’m really not into getting dressed up quite as much. I like to look smart and tidy if I know I’m going to play with someone, or if it’s a specific roleplay then i’m happy to dress in character like I’ve done the evil nurse thing for example, and I like to make the effort for events of course. I’ve never been to a kink event as either dom or sub where I haven’t dressed up since to me it’s part of the whole ‘kink in public’ experience and I like the clothes and when I’m at events I want to feel completely different to the person I feel like when I’m sat in my office at work.

I have to say though, for playing at home as Mrs Feendish I don’t dress up in kink gear every time. It just seems unnecessary to me. I want the people I play with to be attracted to me regardless of what I’m wearing since I plan to do more with their mind and their adrenaline than their eyes. Or at least the visual stuff that they should be concerned with is what it appears is going to happen next, not how I look. So I try to go sort of formal ish and sexy rather than full on fetish. Probably I don’t always get that right especially when I get fed up of high heels half way through and sneak them off whilst they’re blindfolded (ssshhhh)  To me though getting the person I’m playing with to feel right is more important than that bit. I want them to get the best out of it that they can and to be relaxed around me. I don’t want to come across or look like some sort of egotistical super bitch. At least, not until my victim is safely restrained and unable to escape 😉

I suppose to a certain extent I’m still finding out what works and what doesn’t, and also well, it’s not the same for everyone either.

I had a lovely play with Molly a few weeks ago where I’d just been cooked a meal, ran a bath, and then forced her to torture herself with stuff I handed her whilst I sat on the sofa in my dressing gown watching old Audrey Hepburn films. To be honest that was no less erotic than being head to toe in latex and sweltering in the playroom, just different that’s all, and not the kind of thing you probably see on the websites of those dominatrixes with the uber reputations.

Honestly I couldn’t keep up that level of ego and show all the time, I like to be just me , no matter how that is packaged.

6 thoughts on “Woman in black

  1. I repeat what I said elsewhere, you look very classy in the picture.

    Despite the fact that I love seeing people dressed up, I rarely do it myself. It might sound strange but the feeling of people staring at me just makes me very uncomfortable and when dressed up it just enhances the feeling.

  2. Looking good, even if small! I enjoy reading your perspectives on the mental process behind your play – as it’s an aspect I spectacularly fail at being able to put into words. Thank you for another evocative post

    As a somewhat irrelevant aside, there are two solutions to that photographic conundrum.
    a) Either you stand further forward, with Mr Feendish crouching or lying down with the camera – so that you take up a greater fraction of the frame (watch your aperture, might need to go up to f10 or f11 to get both yourself and and the sign in focus). This is “just” playing with perspective rather than actual photographic technique, but it’s just as important.

    b) Panoramic stacking. Take 2 or even 3 photographs and stitch them together. Many cameras (more typically camera phones than proper dSLRs) stitch automatically, or you can use something like Hugin (open source stacker). In this case, you’ll increase the resolution of you, and of the sign (so you can study either in ,ore detail) – but it won’t change the perspective problem.

    That seemed to turn into the bulk of the comment, but eh. Photography is as much of a hobby of mine as kink is 🙂

  3. You would look good in anything or nothing. However, in your earlier blog “Make Believe” in May 2007 you wrote.
    “Dressing up is not an essential part of D/s for this girl but it is one she enjoys from time to time. D/s in a way is really all about acting out your fantasies rather than being a way of life and therefore dressing the part adds makes the fantasy world more believable.”

    At that tome, Mrs F was unknown or non-existent. Now, six years later you are saying:
    “I like dressing up a lot when i’m ‘thisgirl’ I love it. It’s part of getting into the headspace and part of my kink.”
    Isn’t it fascinating what changes our fetish can wreak, especially latex and leather. But I’m fascinated that Mrs. Feendish doesn’t care for dressing up. Does this mean that Mrs F is the real person and thisgirl is simply an act for Mr F? My guess is ‘No!’ and that
    actually thisgirl’s need to dress up is now an integral part of her sharing of herself with Mr F, while Mrs F is your independent standalone self. I wonder which will end up as your dominant personality?

  4. Dressing up can be extremely fun, but if you feel confident in your pyjamas then that feeling is much sexier than any outfit money can buy. You’re quite right to seek out people who understand that how it feels outranks what it looks like.

    On saying that though I’m not giving up my dress up time for anyone 🙂

  5. This reminds me of J’s (Bound in Latex) waterfall photo shoot. Waterfall and Central Glasgow? eh? The point being Scotland has the very best in varied real locations and when folk into fetish bravely venture forth, some remarkable photos result. As you say here there was perhaps a size issue. Work in proces. You two will probably prepare for a re-run (I reckon Grimly has to be up close with the sign behind and above). But more like would be wowey. Suspended from the Finnieston crane (again clever alignment if you cannot get permission for the hangup) or a visit to the Rosslyn Chapel (and Davinci), Advance research checking out exactly which gargoyle will make the picture. Fantastic imagination and daring.

  6. good thoughts as we sub-blokes have to realize that for our Dommes they emotionally cannot or don’t want to be in D. mode constantly and probably realistically nether do we……and a good comment re bdsm being mainly a way to explore and act out fantasies rather than a way of life per se, as sometimes is portrayed with all the M/s, tpe stuff being bandied about these days.

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