A mixed bag

Grimly recently invested in some body bags – one black, one white. For kink reasons only you understand, not for dispatching anyone!

The idea behind the body bag is that it is completely airtight when zipped and provides either relaxation or concealed torment dependant on the wishes of the person who has zipped it up. Well obviously Grimly wasn’t going to want this girl to be relaxed!

This girl dressed up in her latex catsuit and latex gloves and hood. Grimly then added the Canadian gas mask since she would need a way of breathing once the bag was zipped up. Not stopping there he then added wrist and ankle cuffs and vacuum cups for her breasts and electrodes down in other places đŸ˜‰


Once Grimly was satisfied everything was working to his satisfaction he then closed up the bag. It might look really odd in the photo but underneath was a girl whose breathing was being controlled and who was being tormented with vacuum and electricity.

This girl likes sensory overload whilst experiencing sensory deprivation, since if she can’t see what is going on since what are already intense sensations somewhat magnify. Being in bondage and then also having breathing limited and not being able to see or move just really sends her into her own little world of thrills and on this occasion made her feel as though her body was spinning round in clockwise circles when really it was just her mind. Very bizarre and yet very intense!


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