The white glove test

This girl has had her white catsuit from TLC designs for a very long time, and had been thinking about it when she posted the memory blog last week. A few weeks ago Grimly treated her to some white gloves to go with it since she didn’t have any gloves for the outfit. Anyway last weekend seemed a good opportunity to try the gloves out…well, with a few other bits and pieces – like you do πŸ˜‰

Those other bits and pieces happened to be her white clear faced hood from TLC , a couple of electrodes and vibrators and the chair. The hood is really nice because it makes her face feel very rubbery and doll like, since although clear only her eyes, nostrils and lips aren’t encased in rubber. It sort of makes her feel as though she is being trapped beneath her own skin, although its not really her skin as its a mask. Hopefully this will make sense at least to those who like rubber masks!

Well she was completely trapped and not just by the mask. Β  She couldn’t move at all being strapped down by her chest, waist, wrists and ankles. Grimly doesn’t like to leave any chance of escape available and the chair leaves no possibility of that.


Now the idea of a white glove test is to see if there is any dust on the furniture. This girl isn’t sure Grimly actually got the idea of that he seemed somewhat distracted. This girl didn’t either mind you since whether or not there was/is dust in the playroom is the least of her worries when she is wondering how many electrocuted and tortured orgasms he will give her. Grimly recently bought a new vibrator which is like a hitachi (which this girl accidentally blew up) but this one has more modes. It is very effective when combined with the electrics and a little breathplay and strong even through the catsuit.

Anyhow, any dust or cobwebs were certainly blown away πŸ˜‰


8 thoughts on “The white glove test

  1. A question. Do you get yourself dressed in your latex or do you like to have Grimly put you in it? My fantasy,as a lady’s plaything, is to have her do the dressing. It is often a little humiliating, but can be extremely sexy, too.

  2. Would you remember Larry Grayson
    Catchphrase “Look at the muck on ‘ere!” (After running his finger across the top of the back of a chair or another stage prop) wonder what he’d have made of you!

  3. CarlGat, usually I find it easier to put it on myself sometimes with his assistance with zips and things, I don’t find him dressing me in latex to be humiliating at all since I’m a latex fetishist, though I suppose I might if he were to buy an outfit that I hated…I’m not going to give examples because I don’t want to give him ideas that he doesn’t need!

    Stevie, thanks for your comment

    DJ, I have heard of him but a little before my time LOL mind you where thas muck thas brass πŸ˜‰ (yorkshire saying sorry if you’re not british!)

    housebound, *groan* lol

  4. ay appen im from Manchester me sen, so, understand some foreign dialects like yarkshur!

  5. Very interested to hearing how you succeeded in “accidentally” blowing up the hitachi. πŸ™‚

  6. DJ, Tha’t not backerts at com’in forr’erts :p

    daedae, hmm european adapter on an american toy…not good lol

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