Just my cup of tea

This post is by Mrs Feendish this girl’s alter ego. 

When I visited molly a few weeks ago the day after Exodus there was a fem-domme event in the afternoon of the Sunday.  I had never been to an event before that concentrated on D/s more than play so I was interested to see what that would be like.

The event was held at a club near to Birmingham that is traditionally a swingers venue but is taken over for certain bdsm and fetish events. It is quite an interesting venue because upstairs there is a chill out area and then downstairs there is a bar and open play area with equipment and a small stage, and then a small dungeon area, lots of ‘private’ rooms with vinyl beds in them for hanky panky and then a sauna and jacuzzi as well.  It’s sort of the first time I have been to a club with dedicated rooms for that so it was sort of educational for prudish little me 😉

When we arrived there was a welcome tea party for the mistresses with tea in real china cups like your Granny would have and cake served by tranny maids who could be summoned by ringing a bell. It was a nice cup of tea…though there is no such thing as ‘let’s have a horrible cup of tea is there’ its always ‘do you fancy a nice cup of tea’ well it is in Yorkshire anyway.


molly and the other subbies however just had juice and had to sit on the carpet like naughty schoolchildren. It was cute! It was nice to talk to some of the other mistresses but it was very high protocol and slightly odd. For instance I have always introduced myself at kink events as my scene name and then my real name as well since I just feel its more personal. However at this, everyone went by their scene name, which was slightly odd but it sort of helped keep the tone and roles in place. I suppose since it was my first time at this type of event it was all a bit different to the types of event i go to normally, but I enjoyed it lots.

After the tea party everyone congregated in the bar area for the ‘subbie’s got talent contest’ it actually turned into a subbie’s not got talent contest since only a few of them had prepared anything and so the rest all had to do charades (mostly badly!) molly is at best ‘painfully shy’ so probably to tell her she had to sing in front of all these people was slightly cruel even though she can actually sing. It perhaps became even more humiliating when all the subbies had to line up in front of everyone and then go and stand in a little holding area until it was their turn. I’m guessing the torment built a little because she didn’t get to have her turn till about fifth or sixth, though when she performed it was very good.

She sang the “I’d do anything’ song from Oliver but with these lyrics- her writing, not mine :-

I’d do anything for you dear,
For you mean everything to me!

I love to
Feel your whips and chains,
Pure Torture,
Biting canes;
For I’m Your masochist you see!

Would I kiss your shoe?
Would I cook for you?
Be obedient too?
Buy you toys- brand new…
(I’d use ebay)

I’d do anything for you Ma’am,
For you’re MEAN every day to me!

I long to
Feel your fingertips,
Upon my trembling lips
And dread those nipple clips
Help me!

Would I clean and mop?
If you say.
Would I take the crop?
Please lets play!
Would I face sub drop?
Never beg to stop?
You know I won’t

I’d wear anything to please you,
So please do anything with me:

Blindfolds, hoods and gags
Bondage, body bags,
Give my “tail” a wag!
Dress in chains or rags
Just name it and

I’d do anything
to please you
So please do

I’m not sure I could have remembered a hand written song without mucking it up, so she did really well, and was also in tune albeit with a slight nervous quiver. I can’t knock it though because I couldn’t and wouldn’t have done any better and wouldn’t have attempted to despite what Grimly might have done to me had it been the other way around.

Since they turned the talent contest into not got talent, she didn’t win. Although everyone was very impressed by her performance, so I was proud of that. Proud enough to beat her quite a lot (again) anyway 😉

After the contest there was a sounds demo, and honestly it didn’t interest me since the guy was having stuff inserted into his cock and it sort of icked me out. So it was nice to have an old friend to talk to that I hadn’t seen for several years 🙂

The format of the event on the whole was very good, it was very structured and the roles felt defined. I find it much easier to be sadistic than i do dominant, but being somewhere where I had to sort of assume more of that role was interesting and since we are building more of a D/s relationship than it just being a play thing it wasn’t really that difficult at all. I would go there again I think, but I might need to get better at believing some of my own bullshit LOL.

3 thoughts on “Just my cup of tea

  1. On this occasion, using your description i can safely say, immensely glad that’s an event that has passed me by, but well written up with your excellent observational skills. Funnily enough, for me, embarassment added to a dose of competition is a complete switch off. i like being shameless, i like being dressed as a fetish being, i like serving with my body but it is a very fine change in wind direction and it goes somewhere where i would flee.

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