A trip down memory lane

The subject and inspiration of this weeks Wicked Wednesday post is ‘Memories’ 


This girl has a pretty good memory for things, sometimes partially photographic, so she’s always done quite well in exams and things like that. To her preserving memories is important since its a way of remembering the past and people that have crossed her path that may or may not still be here. In the last few years she’s been conscious of the value of memories since she has a close family member with altzheimers and it is sad to see how that impacts the family and close friends since there is just no recognition there at all. Having seen that, this girl fears losing her mind more than she fears other disability. It must be the most scary thing.

It’s important to remember good friends and good times and life defining moments.

Due to this blog, pretty much all of this girl’s kink memories are intact and covered in nearly over  eight hundred entries. Sometimes it is nice to re-read thoughts and ideas and fantasies and compare then with what is happening now and how she feels now. Photographs trigger memories as well. There are some things of course she hasn’t written about but a lot that she has.

When it comes to BDSM and kink, most of this girl’s memories are positive ones and most of her regrets centre on one relationship. In life of course she’s other regrets things like not getting a degree yet and not being more adventurous in her teens and more forthright about a few things over the years. She has regrets about past relationships who doesn’t. It’s like that whole butterfly effect thing though if one bad thing hadn’t happened would that stop something good that happened later happening? She has memories that make her angry or sad, or feel stupid but its part of life and every one of those things define her current character. So based on that , she doesn’t have any memories she would completely erase. The risk of what might be lost as a knock on effect isn’t worth it, since on the whole she is happy with life.  There are things she wishes hadn’t happened but thats not the same as wanting to forget things that have. There’s a lot of crap that’s happened this year to her family that she wishes hadn’t happened, but she’ll still remember it in years to come and *hopefully* say ‘well yeah that was kind of shit but we got through it in the end’ and that used to be a family saying too ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ well maybe that doesn’t really help all that much but perhaps there is some truth in it.

Over the years this girl has had a lot of memorable kink experiences which are worth hanging on to. Her fear and dread at her first munch, her first club, first meeting Grimly. The butterflies she had whenever she was on her way to see him, though, she still gets those just not perhaps the same species 😉

Those memories are perhaps a little hard to paint but here are some of this girl’s favourite memories that she can illustrate. Though they are NOT in any specific order, other than perhaps semi chronologically :-

1. The first latex made for her by TLC designs – white latex catsuit and hood – wait until you see what he’s making next!! Spaced subbie

2. Pony play on the day of the collaring
Bashful pony girl

3. Multiple rides in the dentist chair (in this picture with fuck machine) – different each time, but always fun!
The fuck machine mark 2

4. Meeting Cutie the poodle girl at a pony event in Wales

5. Indoor pony event in the North West – also where this girl and Grimly first met Geetwo & Maxi

6. First visit to Canada, in fact first visit anywhere long haul – first go in the creature, what a flight that was 😉 Meeting such wonderful people like JG Leathers, STEFFY and a whole host of kinky canadians

7. Having fun with pup at Captive Kinks

8. Folsom Street – and making loads of new friends there and at Serious Bondage

9. Getting married!


10. ?????????

Coming soon 😉

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21 thoughts on “A trip down memory lane

  1. A very deep and good blog. You have got some great memories but try not to have so many regrets. It is only because you are older and wiser when looking back, but at the time it was the right thing.If all is good and like a disney film we would learn f— all in our lives.
    Keep smiling

  2. Oh, so many lovely memories! I was delighted to see your gorgeous latex and pony boots and furry friends and lovely straightjacket and beautiful wedding outfits and oh oh oh! *falls over in paroxysms of kinky delight*

    xx Dee

  3. You have such amazing kink memories! I think I’m a lil bit jealous of all of them, but especially #1 and #6. JG Leathers and Steffy are legendary!

  4. Wow, some great memories here! Looks as if you’ve made some interesting alliances over the years 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  5. You really have some lovely memories here! Like you, I have over 800 posts on my blog and am happy that most of my kink memories are on there. I am still writing some of my memories and will publish on my blog in the time to come. Thanks for sharing your memories 🙂

    Rebel xox

  6. I love the way you ended this…. memories are such wonderful things but then so are making new ones


  7. A wonderful write, I enjoy how you show your life as if your looking in from the outside, allowing us to share as the observer. A wonderful set of pictures as well, my favorite being the wedding picture. All dressed up in what is acceptable attire and still being able to add your own element of kink to it. Thank you for allowing us to share in these snapshots of your life.

  8. I’ve skulked around here for quite a long time, so I probably ought to comment occasionally.

    Your writing style – and the stuff of which you write – has fascinated me since I first came across this site. I’m deeply envious of what you have – a devilish master and husband, a collection of toys that get my inner engineer almost as excited as the mental aspects they’re intended for.

    As ever, beautiful photos, remarkable and enviable memories, and a lovely post.

    I look forward to future posts – and I hope you and Grimly don’t mind too much if I borrow a few ideas to try out myself?

  9. Mmmm….i can’t wait to read about no 10….

    These are all awesome memories, for some reason i seem to relate to no 7 😉 but your whole blog is full of amazing experiences and thought-provoking ideas. You are truly inspirational and it’s an honour to be your kinky and vanilla friend 🙂 let the good times continue!

    t-p xx

  10. Thank you all for such lovely comments on this post.
    Keith, I don’t have many regrets, but I have some, but the ones i have, i have reasons for
    Silverdrop, thanks for your comment 🙂
    Dee LOL thanks !
    nzrubber – indeed they are, thinking a lot of my canadian friends at the moment given the terrrible floods in Alberta.
    KaziG, indeed I have and always happy to meet new friends too 🙂
    Beck, I try my best!
    Rebel, thanks for your comment and for organising wicked wednesday i’m glad i stumbled across it, it’s been so far and sort of got me back to posting semi regularly at least!
    Stevie, yes, your reaction in the electrical mask was kind of memorable too at nemesis lol
    Molly, I agree, i’m hoping the rest of this year is more memorable though so far its memorable but not for 100% good things but only half way through!
    John, thanks for your comment
    l0rdraven, thankyou, it was an absolute fantasy of mine to have wedding pictures in bondage!
    Starbeard, i’m glad you enjoy my blog, borrow what you like i don’t think there are too many completely original ideas out there, though we do try to push the boundaries
    tp, why does that not suprise me …hope you are having fun in Brighton!

  11. I think that early white latex catsuit is fantastic, especially having fist gloves rather than mitts or gloves. Very demure. Very appealing. Very sexy. I wonder if you still have it?

  12. I too have had a family member die of alzheimer’s. I have clear memories that have been permanently burned into my memory. My grandmother, My Dad’s Mother is the one of whom I speak. The last time I saw her alive, she was in a
    room in a locked ward of a nursing home in Boston, Ma. She was so far gone that she knew absolutely No one and she was terrified, violent, and disoriented.
    She didn’t recognize me and thought I was coming to hurt her.

    I ran from the nursing home and went and sat outside and cried like I had never cried before. I loved her so much and I hated seeing her the way she was that day. Mercifully she died very soon after that. I have tried to block that memory from my mind, but it also scares me. I am very afraid that that is how I will end up. I frankly believe that if the symptoms start with me, I am going to make a decision to end it before I cannot do so, I would not want to have to have any family member be burdened with my care.

    I hurt with you, Know that you have friends out here who share your fears and who understand how you feel.

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