Shopping therapy Sunday #8 : Trussed UK

This is the eighth post in a  series on various kink retail experiences this girl has had. This series of posts are based on personal experience and are not sponsored reviews, she has not received any money or free products based on her comments. This series of posts is a regular but random feature, so watch this space for more fun places to buy kink 🙂

Hopefully this series might introduce you to some new items and websites you might not have seen before or give you confidence to go ahead with a purchase. Anyway hopefully you will enjoy!

Shop : Trussed
Located in : UK
Available to visit in person : No shop premises however present at London Fetish Fair
Language :  English :  items priced in GBP.


Site layout : Easy to navigate, products categorised by type as per above.
Items available : Mostly impact toys but a few other useful bits of equipment,
Pricing : Very reasonable and affordable.
Ordering :shopping cart system and payments methods include credit and debit card. You can set up an account and get updates and details of special offers.
Communication : Friendly and efficient.
Postage :Very reasonable and very quick. They will ship outside the UK also.

What this girl bought : a set of 2 canes – one junior and one senior. She bought the ones with crook handles though Grimly has put other handles on for her since just out of personal preference.


This girl has bought quite a few canes lately from different places so that she has a range of them. Or rather so that Mrs Feendish has a range of them to use on unsuspecting victims. Well probably not so unsuspecting actually. She probably likes how a cane feels in her hand at the moment more than she likes the feel of it on her bottom. Funny how life changes like that 😉 As a dominant it is quite a satisfying piece of equipment to use since it leaves such nice marks and generally creates some interesting sound effects as well.

These canes are very good quality anyway and a good addition to the collection and this girl hopes to perhaps get a few more things from them in the future. Well they’ve passed the rigorous field testing they were put through.

At the moment too if you friend Trussed’s profile on Fetlife you can grab yourself a 10% discount code 🙂

5 thoughts on “Shopping therapy Sunday #8 : Trussed UK

  1. I do like the monniker Mrs. Fiendish for when you are on your Dommeleanings. it should make a nice contracts the thisgirl from a readers perspective about which penchant and mindset filter you are writing through

  2. stevie, i wasn’t at all worried about it lol may be you should be though !

    Tim, thanks 🙂 Watch this space 😉

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