Cloak and dagger

This girl recently got to try some rainwear. It isn’t a fetish that she’d particularly considered in the past but it does actually have great potential especially in the ‘lovely’ Scottish climate!

The beauty of it is that its rubber on the inside and then a sort of satiny material on the outside so that to the unsuspecting public it doesn’t look kinky at all. Maybe a bit eccentric and old fashioned but the first reaction is not ‘oooh kinky latex’ lol. Well, not unless you notice whats underneath 😉

This girl does have quite a bit of an interest in doing outdoor shoots that are semi-public but not nude or sexual. Such as the pictures she did in exciting and exotic locations like San Francisco, Vancouver, and ermm Blackpool 😉 It is just a very big turn on to wear latex outside and people to just wonder if it is some sort of fashion shoot. Though it is a lot of fun also to find somewhere that has an incredible backdrop and for there to be not a soul in sight.

The idea of the cloak therefore has a lot of potential, she can imagine a nice loch side backdrop. Maybe a project for the autumn! Not usually a complaint, but its too hot here right now for layers and layers of latex. Well, today anyway!


7 thoughts on “Cloak and dagger

  1. amazing and great fun that you Brits love to fetishize your rain/rubber wear……must be the weather over there!

  2. having lived around the states and presently in New England, which by its namesake does possess the most similarity to your LOVELY British weather (!), I have not seen around and about this fetish for rainwear/gear, unless I have been hanging with the wrong crowd….but would think if its anywhere over here, it would be New England and not to be seen……

    btw- love your pic up top in the banner with your nose ring— really gives you quite a look! (that is oc beyond your normal great one:))

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