That’s it! You’re sacked!

Last week this girl’s friends John and J of bound in latex were over for a visit. It is always interesting to see what J will turn up with given she often wears rubber under her clothes and has a very kinky mind 🙂

Generally with ladies this girl prefers to be on the giving end but there has never been any chance of managing that with J. Can’t think why 😉

As you can see from the picture, J arrived in a sexy black and red catsuit and proceeded to  tidy her husband away into a latex sleepsack strapped to the wall.  That is to say, not without wiring him  up first. Probably this girl should have seen it coming or at least overheard it when J was plotting with Grimly, but she ended up in a very similar predicament – wired up and strapped into the leather sleepsack.

It had been quite a while since this girl and Grimly had done any electro play so it felt quite odd to begin with, especially when J decided to use the same box she was using on John and to get this girl to move the knobs with her nose without her really knowing whether it controlled her electrics or his. Though its funny how any sort of anxiety about things like that clears when you have a woman in latex sort of looking down on you, worrying seems a bit of a waste of energy. At least, until she gets that wicked glint in her eye, at that point worry is not the right word for what goes through the imagination.

J also managed to find the new nipple clamps this girl bought a few weeks ago from Mchurt and Grimly being that sort of loveable caring husband kindly showed J that the suspension bar was actually in reach of where this girl was laying. This girl was beginning to think Grimly should have been strapped up in bondage  as well (or at least gagged) since J is evil enough by herself without being given extra ideas as well. Anyway, there wasn’t exactly a lot she could do about that.

Things did get however get more interesting when the electric box was changed and the microphone used with the ET312 so that when this girl screamed and orgasmed John got electrocuted. It didn’t make her scream any louder though….honestly 😉

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