From top to toe

Grimly bought this girl a corset dress for her birthday a few weeks ago, with recent family dramas its not had a ‘proper’ intense session yet but this girl did manage to at least try it on last week!

The dress is corseted from the hood right down to the toes. This girl isn’t sure whether she likes the hood part since it is a bit big and it might work better with a different hood or blindfold with it than this one. This sort of stuff reminds her she desperately needs to get going with improving her sewing skills!


It’s a very good fit which means it is more or less impossible to walk in it! Other than to sort of hobble or do a sort of shuffle/jump. As a result it has the potential of probably being the most fun as a very strict sort of sleepsack alternative. This girl had thought about wearing it to the local fetish club but given theres several flights of stairs and a busy street to walk along it probably won’t be possible! Β Not even with her very cosy bondage socks!

This girl has also got a few other new things still to be tried out so watch this space πŸ˜‰

17 thoughts on “From top to toe

  1. It looks absolutely gorgeous, im sure you have a hood somewhere in your vast collection that would work with it.!!!! It definately suits you right down to the ground lol.

  2. I love that! Reminds me of my times in Amanda Wildefyre’s corset ( it, too, has a hood that is very comfortable, but not really tight enough. So for this session she let it hang down the front and added a wonderful Top-to-Bottom tight leather bondage hood that is one of the best I’ve ever worn. BTW Ms Amanda added the red frills herself.
    Suggestion: How about wearing a lightweight inflatable latex hood under that one? Could be quite intense.

  3. Dear This girl, what a wonderful corset dress you have got I can imagine that you will have much fun with it and I certainly envy you good luck.

  4. That looks amazing, I’m guessing a custom job? Where did it come from?

  5. stevie , thanks πŸ™‚

    kenny, the hood shown with the dress is sewn on at the moment so i’m not sure another over the top would look ok, so i need to decide whether to remove it or not and if so, get someone to help who can sew. i still want to learn but so far…hmm that isn’t happening very fast. Especially because I want to try making some of Christophers designs. I’ll get there eventually!

    tp, it is fun, lots πŸ™‚ hoping to have some more fun with it at the weekend!

    Princess, thanks πŸ™‚

    Carl, wow you are so lucky to have Amanda dress you up like that! I haven’t got an inflatable hood at the moment….on the wish list! Along with a lot of other stuff! Have been told i’m not allowed to spend any money on kink this month!

    jclark, glad you like it πŸ™‚

    psy, madeloncutie, its not custom. It’s from EBAY. πŸ˜‰ The seller hasn’t any listed right now though.

    They were coming up weekly for the last month or so, if anyone seriously wants one email me and i’ll pass on the seller details and a bit more information.

  6. If you dont have an inflatable hood then we need to think of a way to make your head bigger… Mibbee a couple (or more) of layers of vet wrap..???

  7. clever idea. oh i saw a really hot chinese video of plaster cast that i want to recreate. need to go buy some more plaster bandage stuff. πŸ˜€

  8. Lol, didn’t you just say you weren’t allowed to spend any money on kink this month? πŸ˜€

    Care to shed some light on what video you saw, casting is something I saw for the first time in SF and it intrigues me as I have never had to wear a cast in my life.

  9. wow, that outfit really siff-s you out in that prone position………can imagine it would make dancing around at your local fetish hangout quite the challenge and workout!

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