For the time being

As part of March  Q&A, The Half Heard asked :-

“Is there any particular piece of gear you love to spend time in, and if so, whats the longest you’ve spent in it?”

This girl and Grimly don’t generally attempt to spend huge amounts of time using one or two items – huge to this girl being more than three or four hours. There are many people who like endurance bondage who comment on fetlife ‘ i was in this for sixteen hours’ etc – it isn’t this girl’s kink to try to make it a record so she can’t comment on durations of that sort. She hasn’t yet been in bondage that has required for her to be catheterized or to wear a diaper or anything like that to get round times she might need to go to the toilet and to be honest that is not something she is all that intrigued by unless maybe she ends up doing it to someone else 😉   If it becomes more endurance and inconvenience than fun then it’s not really her kink though.

For her, the best sort of amount of time to be in any kind of bondage (without it changing or varying at all) would be between an hour or so and up to about four or five hours, or on occasion overnight. Of course that’s not to say her opinion on this might not change or be forced to change if Grimly gets her some sort of evil chastity device or that kind of thing that she can wear for longer.

Bondage for this girl and Grimly has varying purposes.

Sometimes it is to just simply restrain for its own sake, other times it is for the bondage itself to be a predicament and ‘difficult’ and other times it is to restrain to stop the body moving when more interactive fun and games are ongoing. Sometimes of course its a mixture of a bit of all of that. So dependant on the purpose of the bondage probably depends on what this girl’s favourite piece of gear is.

If the purpose of the bondage is to just be tied up and left, then this girl adores straight jackets and sleepsacks. She can spend any amount of time in those without getting uncomfortable since they are nice and snug and unescapable. The latex sleepsack/vac bed is one of her favorite pieces of gear at the moment just because it is so figure hugging and sexy for that reason. She really likes the butterfly straight jacket she got recently too.

Her favourite piece of gear for predicament bondage is possibly the scavengers daughter, or indeed any other form of medieval bondage restraint that has been given a modern revamp. When Grimly first screws it together then it feels like no issue at all, but it becomes more difficult and interesting with the passage of time especially if he adds other dimensions and diversions to that. Though the electric wooden pony is another fun item of gear that falls under that category – being either electrocuted or stand on tiptoe is fun for the first five or ten minutes but it gradually leads to more interesting times 😉

This girl also really likes confining clothing and shoes like the pony harnesses and hoof boots. She was quite proud of herself for managing to wear the hoof boots for two or three hours during Folsom street, given they have no heels at all. This girl is hoping though to get Grimly to make the mark two version of those soon.

For bondage during heavy play(i.e. to go with electrotorture) and things like that, this girl’s preference would always be for the chair. After all, it is the piece of kit Grimly designed and modified especially for her and so it will always be special. The reason why she likes it so much is perhaps because each session is slightly different – the restraints can be used in different ways and the ‘accessories’ can vary as well since Grimly has made several different types of breast torture cups, electrodes and fuck machines – demented genius that he is 😉

Really though this girl’s favourite item of gear is whatever he is using on her at the time, or from the other side of the spectrum whatever she might be using on someone. Next week her favourite piece of gear might be the item Grimly made for her to use with a nice young lady 😉

Life would be boring if every session was the same, though its sort of like desserts – sometimes its nice to have different ones but there’s always a personal standby choice that will usually always be enjoyed like a good cheesecake 😉 (not a frozen one!)

5 thoughts on “For the time being

  1. I may even have developed a small fetish for a particular hood 😉

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