The girl next door

Following Q&A month Trinity pup asked :-

“When did you first realise that you were into girls and was it before you got into kink or as a part of it? “

Being into something and realising you are into something are two completely different things.

With hindsight this girl can trace being into girls back to her teenage years when she used to tie up her neighbour in her loft and when she used to play adventure games (that sometimes ended in ‘bondage’) in the playground. So, perhaps the tendency to be bi-sexual or even perhaps had life gone that way, homo-sexual was always there in the background.

However this girl did not act on any of that until she was into her early twenties. Though she never really had a serious relationship till she was about twenty anyway. As this girl’s ‘kink’ developed she realised she did want to act on her fantasies that involved women and her ex helped with encouraging that (mainly because he wanted someone who wanted a three-some – though that never happened!)  This girl had a crush on one girl in particular for a very long time who was the female half of a couple she used to know and eventually a situation arose where she could act on those fantasies and did and it ended up being her first kiss with a girl and also her first experience of  other things too, then over the years this girl has explored that side of her sexuality more with other people as and when the chemistry has been right.

This girl would not want a primary relationship with a women though, she likes a strong and dominant man in her life – well Grimly – too much for that to happen. This girl would not be interested in women that weren’t kinky, and she’s not done anything with any women that weren’t, it sort of goes alongside it now really. In fact it might sound odd but this girl enjoys the BDSM side of things with women more than she does the sexual however the dominant side of her is really only interested in women, the male body does not really encourage her sadistic imagination enough. and she finds women in bondage much sexier than men in bondage – having said that there is some rather nice male bondage porn out there, it’s just not her thing.

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