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As part of March Q&A month Anne O Malley asked :

You mentioned in ‘keeping things clear’ how multifaceted your BDSM side is, and that you’re doing more and more with sadistic and dominant roles. I wondered how much of what you are ‘into’ is the same as a submissive as a dominant?

Do you find that you want to inflict the same kinds of things as you enjoy being subjected to, or are you interested in doing things you wouldn’t want done to yourself, or having things done to yourself that you wouldn’t want to do?!

Well a lot is the same since it is like two sides of the same coin cliché as that may be , but its a sort of ‘head side’ and a ‘tail side’ so yes there is a lot of crossover.

It’s perhaps easiest to answer this by talking about things this girl doesn’t do. Like needles, rope, watersports, scat. Things like that. This girl doesn’t want to receive those things and has no interest in giving them either. If a submissive came along that wanted to play with this girl and they wanted to be tied up with rope and then have needles stuck in their back and made like a pretty corset then this girl would be like hmm no thanks but no thanks. However, someone with those kinks probably wouldn’t be attracted by her profile or blogs or whatever anyway. Mrs Feendish is going to be pretty dominant in saying that she is not going to do stuff she has no interest in to please someone if they aren’t happy with the stuff she can do then well…they are just being greedy, since that is a lot of things and if it’s not enough then the compatibility isn’t probably right.

Most other things are up for negotiation or experimentation.

As a submissive this girl likes most things that Grimly can do to her. Bondage including straitjackets, armbinders, hoods etc, latex, electrics, suspension, spanking, corporal punishment, sensory overload, brainwashing and more.

As a dominant this girl likes most of the same things. Though, so far she’s not so fussed on doing the hi-tec stuff. That’s probably a confidence thing though since she just doesn’t feel she measures up at doing that as good as what Grimly can. Though it’s  just a matter of practice. JG Leathers seemed happy enough when she was pushing the buttons of the creature so probably the confidence thing is a little in her head and not an issue 😉

However, this girl sort of has the opinion that she prefers more hands on old school fun sort of corporal punishment crossed with medieval torture. Having a pretty girl in predicament bondage and perhaps hooded and clamped and then caning them and stuff is a lot of fun, but not every two sessions are the same life would be boring if so. This girl is currently working on a devious project for a certain submissive girl of her acquaintance sort of a bit Jeff Gord style 😉

This girl would like to think things will continue to evolve and well it really depends on the person as to what feels right. For instance there are some ideas she would try with some people but not with others because well not everyone is the same in what they will like or what they will fantasize about.

This girl is perhaps in some ways more sadistic with others than Grimly is with her. Or it feels that like that sometimes. Though maybe she is just writing that to encourage him to want to be the nasty one again 😉

Off hand this girl can only think of one thing she’d like to do more to someone than to have it done to her – and that is long-term chastity and orgasm denial 😉 This girl likes chastity but finds it a bit frustrating after about twelve hours or so…but maybe she wouldn’t be frustrated if someone else was wearing it? Though they might be 😉

8 thoughts on “Same difference

  1. I always kinda thought that chastity was an especially evil concept. Something that can be contemplated with equanimity but which in its application actually CAUSES the horniness which it was created to deny the conclusion of (If you follow me lol). Wearnig causes horniness. The longer you wear it the hornier you get, (although i speak through mere speculation,) definately sounds sounds like a major love hate thing going on there :-).

  2. I’d be careful encouraging him to be meaner, and then mentioning chastity in the next paragraph 😛

  3. Thank you, your response makes lots of sense and is very interesting. Lots of food for thought, I think anyone who gets to enjoy your dark side is extremely lucky. Its good to know that your devious imagination is always whirring, I look forward to more of you being the mean one. No comment on the chastity devices… nor on who is more sadistic!

  4. Great post again and talking about chastity , to me it is much like Dalton describes it on the Seriousbondage website. Kind of a catch-22, I hope that is the right reference lol. The thought turns me on yet it is designed to keep me from acting on the “turn on” which is again more of a turn on etc etc etc. Some day I hope to explore it more, not yet though. 😀

  5. kenny, i agree with what you said yes 😉

    pansanitor good advice a bit too late!

    Anne O’Malley if you don’t comment i’ll just guess your intentions :p

    daedae, Daltons writing on chastity is great, i thoroughly recommend anyone to go look at his article on there 🙂 Vicious circle eh? 😉

  6. also re the whole chastity thing, maybe it’s the Godess’ Divine’s retribution against us sub-blokes, but it seems that the male can be more easily kept in long-term to very long-term chastity than his female sub cousin ….a consequence of a peculiar merging of metal technology and anatomy for better or worse!……

  7. oh come now….men have it so easy! no childbirth…no pmt….no menopause…and they can pee standing up!

    stop complaining! lol

  8. Ah… But women dont have the horror of negotiating zip flys when tipsy lol

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