A long story short

As part of March Q&A Month, Debra asked :-

Do you know what a session will consist of and how long?

Again funnily enough this is one of those questions where the answer is ‘it depends’ 😉

Sometimes this girl can begin a session with Grimly and have some idea of what is going to happen. For instance, if a new piece of kit has been purchased then it might be planned in advance to incorporate it i.e. in the case of something like the butterfly straight jacket.  It can also happen that this girl and Grimly will plan to try something specific in advance so on those occasions she also has a rough idea. Also, again, from experience some things happen in a predictable order mainly because with some types of bondage doing it in a logical progression makes the most sense.

However, mostly this girl can’t be 100% sure what Grimly is going to do. Sometimes that is because he is evasive and mysterious about telling her, or because she can’t see and so can only guess. The surprise really is part of the fun. Luckily because of the collection of toys this girl and Grimly have then there is an infinite number of possibilities so its interesting to see sometimes what his depraved mind will come up with. Sometimes Grimly will also introduce a toy to a session this girl doesn’t know he has i.e something fresh from the workshop..so that’s always a possibility.

How long a session lasts well really depends on several factors – what time is available, what is happening during the session, how is it planned to end i.e. sometimes orgasm is a pretty natural end (especially after 10 😉 ), how long will it be before it gets uncomfortable or boring for one or both parties.  Since not every session is the same all these are variables…though perhaps on average anywhere between 1 & 6 hours but sometimes a session will be a ‘short sharp shock’ other times it will be longer bondage.

Now on the other hand, if this girl is in charge of a session i.e from the dominant side then she would hope to know what it’s going to consist of! Or at least have bare bones of a plan and then adapt it based on the body language of the person.

3 thoughts on “A long story short

  1. And sometimes the anticaption of what is coming your way is just as hot as the rest of the session x

  2. You mentioned in your previous post about housework getting in the way, and in this post about being dominant to visiting subs. I know it is not exactly your thing, but have you thought about either getting a sub to do your housework, or spicing it up by having Grimley force you. You sort of did so when you were locked in a maid’s uniform. Making the housework (or any other boring task) interesting by adding some kinkiness is great, I would think getting someone else to do it might be even better. I wish I was closer but I know other sissy maids and some might be local to you if you would consider it. If you would like to then let me know the locality so I can put you in touch. Most sissy maid would love to do housework for you and Grimley and if there was the threat of serious BDSM hanging over them if they did not do a perfect job then they would like that even more.

  3. Princess, i would definitely agree with you there.

    barbie, sometimes i do housework in maids outfits and such when he wants me to 🙂 and i do enjoy that!

    For getting a maid in, hmm, i don’t know, there are reasons for and against. I think mostly the main obstacle to us not being kinky as much as we’d like is me having a full time job that is a commute and so puts me out of the house at least 10 hours a day. If i could find a way of outsourcing my job and still getting paid yes perfect LOL

    Though some computer geek tried that and got caught out i believe!

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