Well it never hurt to ask!


March is question and answer month again. Of course you’re welcome to ask questions any time but as its been a tradition the last few years then here goes again.

Does anyone have any questions for this girl? or for Grimly?

If you have any questions or curiosities, leave a comment or send an email

9 thoughts on “Well it never hurt to ask!

  1. stevie, i’m really not sure i seem to be a little tied up for the forseeable future!

    DJ & Debra answers coming up within the next few days.

    Anyone else who wants to ask a question feel free leave a comment here or drop an email 🙂

  2. You mentioned in ‘keeping things clear’ how multifaceted your BDSM side is, and that you’re doing more and more with sadistic and dominant roles. I wondered how much of what you are ‘into’ is the same as a submissive as a dominant? Do you find that you want to inflict the same kinds of things as you enjoy being subjected to, or are you interested in doing things you wouldn’t want done to yourself, or having things done to yourself that you wouldn’t want to do?!

  3. Is there any particular piece of gear you love to spend time in, and if so, whats the longest you’ve spent in it?

  4. Wow. Another year has gone by. Here’s a few things I’ve been curious about this year:

    1. To what end do you take your dominant role during play? Do you get your subs off? Only with estim or toys? Do your subs reciprocate?

    2. I read your blog all the time, but never post until the annual March Q&A. I’m guessing this is common and you have a lot of web traffic. How many unique visitors do you get per day, week, month? Has the increase in traffic influenced your writing in any way?

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