Keeping things clear

Lately this girl has perhaps been doing as much as a domme as a sub. Sub and masochist to Grimly, but evil sadistic bitch to others 😉

Its giving her a bit of quandary. Whether to, well continue writing EVERYTHING kink she does here or whether to start a separate ‘dominant’ blog for that stuff? Or, to keep everything here but write dominant ish posts in the first person rather than the third person? Or as a secondary author? What are your thoughts and ideas on this?

The thing is as at stands this girl has many facets to her personality – the submissive, the masochist, the dominant, the sadist, the wife, the lover, the friend, the colleague. It’s all sort of part and parcel of her character that these roles swap about with each other and sometimes one or two are more predominant than the others. Lately work has taken over all of the other roles way too much. It got so bad  that the other night this girl somehow made Grimly have a nightmare about working for her and her  yelling at him for not knowing how to do the job right. Poor Grimly – he work up in a cold sweat! It’s kind of scary when work influences the dreams of a partner let alone your own dreams/nightmares!

This girl cannot wait for a holiday! She has a few hours holiday this afternoon to get ready to go to the theatre tonight (more on that in the next post)

Anyway, throughout seven (ish) years of blogging this girl has tried to keep things clear and she just wants to avoid them getting muddled by crossing roles over. Unless , well, people don’t mind. This girl sometimes wonders too as to whether her dominant characteristics are sort of in a way submissive in that she tends to try to give the person she’s topping/dominating the experience they want. Though it is nice if the experience they want is to suffer in pain and pleasure at her hands 🙂

This girl has said it previously but every experience she has whether it be as dom or sub or masochist or sadist adds to the adventure and potentially improves it for the next time. This girl would like to think she doesn’t make too many mistakes and those that she does make she learns from. For that reason she’s thinking she will just keep all her posts about her various experiences here , but what do readers think?

What would you prefer?


14 thoughts on “Keeping things clear

  1. I think the thing you have to remember is that wheather you are blogging as submissive you or masochist you or dominant you or sadistic you, the thread that holds it all together and brings us all back for more is that it is all YOU.

  2. Please continue to blog about both sides of your D/s personality.. they are indeed two sides of the same coin, and each of them gives insight into the other. I enjoy EVERY one of your posts, and read them as soon as they pop up in my email. (before that I was checking the site 3-4 times a day hoping to find new posts!) I know a number of people who as their sexuality matured found that they weren’t pure “Dom” or “sub”, but a mix of both, and that each side brought something to the other that enriched their experiences.

  3. I must admit, I have 2 blogs, 1 for me and related stuff, and a seperate one for all the robot stuff, mind control and the like, its just easier that way. Some get to see one blog, others the other one, and just one or two see both.
    So me, I’d say keep them apart if that makes you more comfortable with it, but if you do, let me know the link to the other one.

    Love the outfit btw

  4. Personally, the multifaceted nature of your adventures in kink land (film idea!) keep things interesting and, well, real. It’s the never knowing what your next post will be about, and from which perspective it will be presented, which keeps us coming back year after year (well, me anyway!).

  5. I think you should address it all here as you have been. You are one person with many interests, but as one person you might consider keeping all of you in one place where we have come to know you.

  6. I think you should keep all together. It paints a more realistic picture of you anw what you are about. Your blog is one of the best I follow and I thank you for them.

  7. BTW You said “This girl sometimes wonders too as to whether her dominant characteristics are sort of in a way submissive in that she tends to try to give the person she’s topping/dominating the experience they want.” That makes you my kind if Dom. Just don’t give it away too easily – make ’em work for it a bit!!

  8. I think you should keep all your blogging on one blog. The dress you are wearing is fantastic, you look so good in it!

  9. Yes one blog please. I am interested in the way you are developing and have a bit of a chance to do something similar so want to see both sides of what you do and how well it works out for you, and particularly if it all goes wrong I can learn from your mistakes. Hope it doesn’t though.

  10. My preference would be one blog for both.
    Depending on your settings with the blog I believe it’s possible to set the author with different names, or set up a secondary account with writing privileges. This would mean you could clearly label which type of blog post it was.

  11. I think you should keep both sides of yourself on one blog, but I do like the idea of writing about your dominant times in the first person and keeping the submissive times in the third person. I think that will add more definition to each side.

  12. I agree that I’d enjoy reading about both sides of your D/s self here. You could have another blog, but that would involve lots of set up and time, and would be twice the investment and split your readership. You’d either have to do twice as much work, or, you’d have one blog which was rarely updated/not updated so much, which would make it less appealing to your potential readership. Writing D things in the first person would make them easier to differentiate and be a way of drawing a line between the two, but would it feel strange to blog in the first person after so long in the third? (Admittedly I might have a vested interest in wanting to know what’s going on in the evil, Dominant part of your mind!)

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