Shopping therapy Sunday #6 : FREAK Clubwear

This is the sixth post in a  series on various kink retail experiences this girl has had. This series of posts are based on personal experience and are not sponsored reviews, she has not received any money or free products based on her comments.

Hopefully this series might introduce you to some new items and websites you might not have seen before or give you confidence to go ahead with a purchase. Anyway hopefully you will enjoy! If you wish to participate and post in Shopping therapy Sunday yourself then just leave a comment with a link or drop an email :)

Shop : FREAK Clubwear
Located in : UK
Available to visit in person : No shop premises however present at many uk fetish markets including Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar (BBB) & London Fetish Fair (LFF).
Language :  English :  items priced in £


Site layout : Easy to navigate, products categorised by type and special advice and video tutorials to watch
Items available : paddles,canes,sensation toys such as pinwheels,blindfolds,crops,floggers,clamps and clothing.
Pricing : reasonable and great for the quality
Ordering :shopping cart system and payments methods include paypal, credit and debit card. You can set up an account and get updates and things too.
Communication : Friendly and update emailed out when item was despatched with shipping details.
Postage : For what this girl has purchased online (the cane) postage was free and by courier and discreet, though most of the items this girl has bought from FREAK have been in person at fetish events.

What this girl bought : finger amulet, floggers, cane

This girl first came across FREAK at BBB. BBB is a great monthly (3rd sunday of the month) event in Birmingham where various kinky retailers get together to offer their wares. There is also usually a demo of some sort and plenty of chances to socialize and to be dressed up in kinkery finery whilst shopping. It’s a really nice event.

The first thing she ever bought from them was a finger amulet (the top one of the two shown below) They don’t have the exact same one anymore but they have a few similar ones, this girl bought it probably around 2003. They actually have a really good range of ‘sensation’ toys and what this girl likes is that at the fetish markets its possible to peruse these in person 🙂


This girl has also bought two floggers there when FREAK were at Festival Erotique in Edinburgh around 2004? Festival Erotique was a sort of kinky market that ran once at Edinburgh but it was mostly mainstream but didn’t last more than one event because Edinburgh is not kinky enough for this kind of thing lol.

It was a fun afternoon though because this girl had gone with a few friends from Northern Spanking who she used to do spanking modelling for and she and the other girls were all wearing matching school uniforms and tried out a lot of the FREAK toys on each other. It was a lot of fun and attracted a lot of attention from other shoppers – funny old thing 😉 The girls that run FREAK are great though they are both genuine bdsm players and have a wealth of advice to share and the toys they sell are really lovely quality 🙂 The floggers this girl bought there are pictured below – the first is as very soft leather and then the second is a short suede flogger. Both are used normally for more sensual play but FREAK do sell floggers that are more for pain too.

flog1 flogger2

This girl does actually prefer buying toys in person than online. It’s nice being able to see and potentially touch a toy before committing to buy and also meeting the people selling it can give a good or bad vibe too. Often buying a toy in person will have memories attached of the event of it was bought at, or if it was in a town someplace else of a holiday, or of people she might have met at the event or at the shop.

To see what they were like online though this girl bought a cane last week to add to her collection. Well, she is sincerely hoping this will get used more by Mrs Feendish (her alter ego) than by Grimly since its pretty damn harsh!


This cane is now the thuddiest one this girl and Grimly own. It is pretty much a big scary stick! It actually just reminds this girl of the line from the ‘Quiet Man‘ Here’s a good stick, to beat the lovely lady” 😉 Right so, this girl needs to find a lovely lady to beat with it!

FREAK won a bondage award this year too, and deservedly so 🙂

If you have had experience of this site or their products and want to leave a comment (good or bad – provided it can be supported) please do so .

Hope you have enjoyed this review and supporting pictures – stay tuned for next week :) (and well hopefully some more kink in-between!)

12 thoughts on “Shopping therapy Sunday #6 : FREAK Clubwear

  1. this sub-bloke agrees with what you said re it being preferable to buy toys in person ideally with your mate as it does attach good memories then to the toy and yes seeing the toy and people who made or know about it in person does add to the experience… Domme and i have such good memories of our old ‘shopping trips’ to HubbaHubba in cambridge (usa) along those lines:)

  2. your welcome…….as one could say the Dom/Domme- sub couple that shops together plays well together too!:)

  3. Being a big girl Freak is awesome for leather, PVC and Lace inspired clothes, I was so taken with the skirt I purchased that I braved the cat walk at the BBB fashion show wearing FREAK clothing, The girls are very approachable and very willing to discuss and help you in any way.

  4. You are quite right. It is always best to buy in person as you can see and feel what you are buying. I like you review of Freak Clubwear – You are quite right the girls at freak are very friendly and really know their stuff. I have always found that they are willing to discuss the toys and how to use them. They have a wealth of experience.They also do clothing and one of my favourite purchases from them is a tee shirt with movable letters, so I can make up my own slogans.

  5. I’ve been shopping at Freak for ages, they are helpful, friendly and the quality of their products is top notch. Everything I have from them is not only gorgeous, they also work brilliantly and are a pleasure to use.

    I would recommend them highly 🙂

  6. btw, love your eyes-only pic above… definitely have La Domme in you!


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