Suck it and see

Recently this girl and Grimly got a new regular vac bed fixed up,however not everyone likes the fact that with regular vac beds the head is totally under since sometimes this causes funny sensations round the ears. Grimly ever the engineer, came up with a solution and alternative for that reason, and well also, just because πŸ˜‰

The vac bed shown in this post is a modified latex sleep sack. Cosy, and snug and very shiny! The hood is separate not an attached one which means that different hoods or masks can be worn to create different effects and experiences πŸ™‚ This particular hood is one TLC made for this girl recently. It’s the first smoky latex this girl has had but she loves the colour.


Anyone who has tried any kind of vac bed will know that once the air is sucked out it is impossible to move. However, Grimly being the master of bondage overkill strapped this girl down to the massage table for good measure and also added the new Canadian gas mask that has been recently acquired and a bubbler bottle to make breathing more ‘interesting’ and well, difficult.


All in all it really was a successful experiment. This girl could feel the suction of the vacuum firmly round her body but at the same time her ears weren’t popping and there wasn’t the pressure round her head that sometimes is an unwanted side effect of the regular vac bed. However having said that, this girl likes BOTH and since she has both and room to keep both well it’s not really a problem anyway πŸ˜‰ This one is much easier to get into and out of too.

The best thing about a vac bed though is not just the feeling of being in your own rubber cocoon,but the amplified effect any touch has from the outside. Just a touch of the hand or the feeling of a vibrator or the sound of the water bubbling is increased almost ten fold. Well the rest perhaps can be left to the imagination πŸ˜‰

5 thoughts on “Suck it and see

  1. That looks quite amazing, and yes, probably far easier to deal with than the full vac bed. Love the whole gas mask and bubbler idea too. Just imagine its your human existence being bubbled away, as he turns you into a brainwashed robot lol.
    I could get jealous of that btw πŸ˜‰

  2. I love this vac sack, I hated the full vac bed that Master had for us, I hated the pressure around my ears, I really did struggle, but I will be suggesting this to him for sure x I love it x

  3. stevie, knowing you i’m not surprised!

    princess, it’s a good solution i still enjoy the full vac bed too so its good to have the option πŸ™‚

  4. Its Princess’ Master – This is an amazing vac sack. Princess would love one of these. Do you Know if Grimly is planning to sell these?

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