Shopping therapy Sunday #4 : Devus

This is the fourth post in a  series on various kink retail experiences this girl has had. This series of posts are based on personal experience and are not sponsored reviews, she has not received any money or free products based on her comments.

Hopefully this series might introduce you to some new items and websites you might not have seen before or give you confidence to go ahead with a purchase. Anyway hopefully you will enjoy! If you wish to participate and post in Shopping therapy Sunday yourself then just leave a comment with a link or drop an email :)

Shop : Devus
Located in : Manchester, England
Available to visit in person : No believe web only
Language :  English :  items priced in £ though can show in euro & $


Site layout : Easy to navigate, products categorised by type and by price. Additonal sections to show featured items and monthly specials.  Mostly the layout is to appeal primarily to the gay market perhaps but it has a good range of toys that are unisex 🙂
Items available : Leather bondage items including cuffs and collars,bondage accessories, hoods and masks, steel bondage costs,rope, male clothing, some electro toys, nipple clamps and more – wide range.
Pricing : Mixed some items that are perhaps a bit expensive, other items that are reasonable.
Ordering :shopping cart system and payments methods include paypal.
Communication :  It’s a while since this girl made her purchases from here -but remembers it being fine and no issues.
Postage : For what this girl has purchased in the past costs have been reasonable, items well packaged and prompt.

What this girl bought : Nipple magnets & puppy tail

The puppy tail this girl bought was scary big the reason why this girl looks happy in this picture is because she is threatening someone else with it!  There was nothing wrong with it of course she just hadn’t read the measurements correctly. Seriously – there was no way THIS was going in THERE :


Ultimately this girl sometimes gets mixed up with diameters and things like that. Surely she isn’t the only one? 😉

The other thing she’s bought from devus is the magnetic nipple clamps. These are pretty scarily painful. She bought the from Devus because at the time it seemed an item relatively unique to them however since she has seen them for sale elsewhere too though the price is still competitive and actually at time of writing they are on special 🙂 However this girl doesn’t have the 22kt gold plated ones so its not quite the same item now – does gold hurt more? Anyone want to find out? 😉


Some other people have bought the magnetic nipple killers and don’t find them painful. This girl found them excruciating! She’s been pierced twice (though had healing problems) and it felt like being pierced all over again. However, for her its good to still have them in the toy drawer as a deterrent and someone might come along who might enjoy them more. For anyone how doesn’t believe these hurt hopefully the amount of pinching in the picture demonstrates they do!

This girl likes Devus as a shop because there is a good range of products, and although mostly gay orientated there are some good ideas and bargains to be found 🙂 The important thing to remember is though a site geared towards boys might have slightly bigger and scarier products than what girls like!

If you have had experience of this site or their products and want to leave a comment (good or bad – provided it can be supported) please do so .

Hope you have enjoyed this review and supporting pictures – stay tuned for next week :) (and well hopefully some more kink in-between!)

6 thoughts on “Shopping therapy Sunday #4 : Devus

  1. I have the nipple things and u can confirm that yes, they are evil little b*stards!!

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