Face off!

When J from boundinlatex was over recently she had another surprise for this girl in addition to the piggy mask. J had another hood that was terrifying and sexy at the same time. Ok so a lot of hoods can be like that – but this one especially so!

J already had this girl restrained in the chair and half spaced out from the ‘fun’ of being tormented , electrocuted and humiliated with that piggy mask but wasn’t finished!

J put a hood on this girl which at first appeared to be just an average open face hood with just a few holes in it for breathing but it ending up being more than that! Β Suddenly there was another face at the end of the hood πŸ˜‰


The hood in essence is just two hoods with a sort of plastic tunnel in between. Described like that it doesn’t sound as erotic as it actually is however the image from inside the hood was much more interesting than the image outside! Also there are only a few little holes and so the air had to either be shared or fought for. However this girl was more concerned with the expression of the person at the other end of the hood than whether she could breathe or not. Since, whilst both she and J had the same amount of air J still had the upper hand as she was not restrained and could move much more freely. All this girl could see was J’s face, she had no idea what J’s hands might be doing or where they were going she just had to hope J’s hands were going to do something nice and not something nasty again! πŸ˜‰


7 thoughts on “Face off!

  1. That is new to me. I have seen pictures of two people sharing a single rebreather but this is something original as far as I am concerned.

  2. its quite a simple idea i think sort of 2 open faced hoods that have had a clear plastic tube put in-between. i hope to get one soon. i wonder if my latex friend can make it in rubber though this is pvc πŸ™‚

  3. And I thought those double ball gags were kinky…! I Like The Idea! πŸ˜€
    -xx- madelon

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