This little piggy…

This girl’s friends from came over for a visit last weekend but what happened whilst they were here took this girl slightly by surprise!

J decided it would be fun to put this girl in the chair, however she insisted this girl first put on a pretty pink dress. This girl is NOT really someone who is into pink all that much and was not expecting J to bring over things to play dress ups…but…it would have just been rude to refuse to put it on wouldn’t it? πŸ˜‰

J is one of very few girls who this girl ‘doesn’t mind’ being on the receiving end around. Mostly with girls she tends to take and desire a more dominant role but J has never given her a chance to try that. A couple of times this girl has ‘tried’ to get her own back on J playfully but it always seems to have led to consequences where yet again this girl ends up Β tied up and in trouble. This girl cannot really switch with people though – it’s either one role or the other just because that’s how the kink chemistry in her head seems to work and it is far from a complaint – to date it seems to work πŸ™‚

bound in latex

Now normally when this girl sits in the chair the focus is on mind control, brainwashing and usually electro – torture, breath play and sometimes even the fuck machine. Β The focus has NEVER been on her feet. This girl HATES her feet being played with or tormented and has never ever ever been any kind of foot fetishist. Once she had her feet ‘worshipped’ by someone very much into that kink and it just did not really do anything for her despite the foot worshipper being very skilled. Well, the ‘foot torturer’ was very skilled as well! Though it has to be said, having her feet hit with a tawse and a flogger and all manner of other implements felt much more pleasurable?? than being tickled. Tickling is just the worst thing ever. Well, at least that was what this girl thought until J decided to get more serious. People who follow will know J has a very big gas mask fetish and when she puts one on she most definitely means business!
bound in latex

This girl did not realise though the whole foot torture thing was leading somewhere ironic. It all made sense though when she was told to close her eyes and felt a rubber piggy mask being put on! Suddenly the foot fascination made complete sense and also the realisation that it wasn’t over either.

Normally this girl rather likes electrics. But J decided to torment this girl into oinking by threatening her with a cattle prod device that Grimly made. Trying to say ‘you can’t use a cattle prod on a pig’ didn’t work either. Eventually though J got fed up of that and decided to put electric pads on each Β of this girl’s feet – now having an electrode on each foot means the current sort of finds a route up and down the legs – and the feet tend to cramp up – it’s not a pleasant feeling. It’s sore!

Though, strangely having electrics being used that aren’t at all in themselves pleasurable is not entirely without pleasure πŸ˜‰

Sometimes a little humiliation and a little torment can fill in the gaps left by an absence of direct stimulation…you know….with a little imagination…and a hot girl in a gas mask staring into your eyes πŸ˜‰

There are more photos from this set and also a video including in 3D on

please have a look! πŸ™‚

bound in latex

8 thoughts on “This little piggy…

  1. I am afraid the pink piggy mask totally cracked me up. Le Maitre came into my office and wanted to know what the hell I was giggling about. When I showed him, even his work face broke into a very unbusiness-like smile as well…………

  2. J is pure pure expertise, what a mind is in that head and behind her amazing eyes. she certainly excites all the sub in me.

  3. Jane, i wasn’t expecting it once i realised what it was it was too late to do anything about it – well not that i could! i’m glad it made you giggle πŸ˜‰

    Islv, i quite agree!

  4. I’m sorry, the mask had the same effect on me as it did with Jane lol! Never understood the foot fetish either, having been on the receiving end in my time. But the electrodes on the feet sound interesting all the same

  5. I love this picture and I am loving the piggy mask cute and sexy at the same time πŸ™‚ and I hope you use it more often x

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