Sit up and pay attention!

So last week when Grimly was trying out the butterfly straight jacket on this girl he also decided it would be fun to use the leather ballet boots. It is absolutely ages since this girl has worn any ballet boots and so even having them laced up all tight felt great 🙂


Unfortunately these boots are a little big for this girl so she’s not very good at standing them so hard work though it was  Grimly needed to find ways to torment her in a sitting down position.  Though, being blindfolded and gagged this girl couldn’t see what he was getting up to.  A lot of times that  is for the best since otherwise she can get all sorts of thoughts in her head.

This girl often has conflicting thoughts about that actually. Whenever she asks Grimly what his plans are especially when he has some sort of evil twinkle in his eye he is always very secretive and never really tells. Sometimes, he might hint but that’s it. Part of her wants to know so that she might then fantasize about what is going to happen or she might worry and get anxious if it is something she thinks she won’t like but then that generally turns her on as well and gets the adrenaline pulsing. However when he doesn’t tell her and just has that sort of evil sparkle it just makes her think of well EVERYTHING. So, whilst she remains curious probably not knowing is better in the long run. Perhaps admitting this (again?) is not a good idea. Well this girl came to realise long ago that not much she says will change what Grimly will do once he sets his mind on something.

Likewise, if she’s hooded or blindfolded she is left to imagine what he is rifling around for and going to do and sometimes that is more exciting than actually seeing it. Seeing what he’s doing can sometimes make her think oh fuck no not that, yet not seeing whats coming leaves her to enjoy the sensation whatever it might be and just realise what is happening to her by the feel or by the pictures or pieced  together memories afterward.

Sometimes of course he wants her to see exactly whats coming. From a sadistic perspective this girl can relate to that since seeing the look of adoration, or panic, or orgasm in a face can be more erotic than a hooded faceless toy – though that also is sometimes very special. Depersonification has its place 🙂

The thing is its impossible to do the same thing every time, so variety is the spice of life and also of kink. This is why this girl is with Grimly after all since being with him leads to so many fun and exhilarating possibilities and sometimes similar things and experiences repeat themselves, or develop, but mostly each time is a new and different adventure to the last.


4 thoughts on “Sit up and pay attention!

  1. I like my ballet boots – as long as Le Maitre doesn’t want me to walk up and downstairs with my arms tied, or go outside and go for a walk wearing them.
    As for trying to persuade him what would be fun to do, I have as much joy as you do with Grimly. Once Le Maitre has opened up the playroom, there is absolutely NO point in la petite or myself complaining or make requests (normally impossible as it’s automatically Silent Time when he decides to enjoy himself at our expense). He knows what he feels like doing and we just have to go along with his ideas of ‘fun’, like it or not……………..
    (Ummmm…………… I am not REALLY complaining !)

  2. I understand this completely. I know exactly the feelings I go through when My Master decides what he wants for that day. the ballet boots are yummy, I love mine too, though I find the stairs impossible in mine. Thankfully Masters or a law unto themselves and we all have to admit we love every minute of it x

  3. Thank you very much for all your wonderful emails ballet boots are a favourite of mine I know that they are no easy to walk in but you must keep it up and wear them as much as possible this is one thing that will make you a good sub. kind regards John

  4. i can walk in some ballet boots, just not these ones as they are a little large on me. To be able to walk even a little ballets need to be a good fit 🙂

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