The butterfly effect

A couple of days ago this girl and Grimly played with the new straight jacket and well you know a few other things since generally keeping things simple is not something Grimly is into! Β Bondage can never be about just one item. Well sometimes it can…but its a lot of fun adding to it and changing things about πŸ™‚ These photos also show that the playroom is now carpeted and looking a bit tidier but who is interested in a carpet when there is leather bondage?

The straight jacket is a really good cosy fit and this girl is really happy with it. It fastens just like a regular ‘hugging’ straight jacket at the back but luckily the crotch straps can be removed when not required and so she could wear the skirt she wanted to try with it. Buying a leather skirt is actually really hard – all the ‘specialist’ leather shops locally have stopped doing them but Glasgow is quite good for vintage clothing so she managed to pick it up in one of her favourite vintage shops so that was cool! The boots are leather thigh highs that she’s had for absolutely ages and had forgotten how much she loves!


As this girl said, Grimly wasn’t content to stop things there, he wanted to see how far his butterfly could spread her wings πŸ˜‰ Answer – not far when nipple clamps are involved and a neck corset! Now why oh why did they design this bloody straight jacket thing with accessible zips? Well despite how much this girl tried to flap her arms around she could not get the clamps to fall off or move them at all and got rather hot and bothered under her gas mask. Clamps are one of those things this girl loves to hate – she hates them going on and loves them coming off…though the feeling off them coming off is more painful than them going on …well yeah =masochist.

The clamps seemed to hurt particularly more than normal perhaps that’s just because it’s so long since Grimly had used any on her combined with it being perhaps where her body was at hormonally. So despite her trying to plead with him (hard through a gas mask) he just hang a weight of the damn things anyway. Grrr.


The truth of the matter is despite this girl trying to make it sound as though she was suffering at the hands of some sadistic madman (which isn’t a lie) it’s really not a complaint at all since in her little bondage cocoon as it were she was rather spaced out, especially once he changed the gas mask for a hood πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “The butterfly effect

  1. Oooohhhhh. All that wonderful leather..!!! What is it about thigh boots and a leather skirt that are just soooo distracting. (Pause to consider, mibbee have ANOTHER wee keek at the pictures, just to aid in contemplation). Oh, and i think the neck corset makes the perfect accompaniment to your wonderful new toy, after all we ALL know just how much you love that. πŸ™‚

    Looking gorgeous as always sweetie.

  2. I actually found a long leather skirt in a charity shop around here! Thought it had to be leather look at the price, but tag said otherwise! I think you protest the nipple clamps far too much lol. Great gas mask btw

  3. You get yourself into such predicaments. At once a work of art and torment bound together by your choice.

  4. Kc, I know i’m spoilt! i’m not going to complain πŸ˜‰

    jane, i am sure you have an inner sadist somewhere πŸ˜›

    kenny, thanks πŸ™‚

    stevie, glad you found a bargain πŸ™‚

    Islv, what do you reckon then – brave or dumb? lol
    or lucky? lol

  5. Wow thisgirl, you’re right… These photos are awesome! The jacket with the hood, and boots, and chains. Hot stuff!!

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