Shopping therapy Sunday #2 : Axsmar

This is the second post in a  series on various kink retail experiences she has had. This series of posts are based on personal experience and are not sponsored reviews, she has not received any money or free products based on her comments.

Hopefully this series might introduce you to some new items and websites you might not have seen before or give you confidence to go ahead with a purchase. Anyway hopefully you will enjoy! If you wish to participate and post in Shopping therapy Sunday yourself then just leave a comment with a link or drop an email 🙂

Shop : Axsmar

Located in : Manheim : Germany
Available to visit in person : Yes believe so but by appointment only
Language : German & English :  items priced in Euro though can change currency to USD.


Site layout : Easy to navigate, products categorised.
Items available : Metal bondage specialist – variety of stainless steel collars and restraints, titanium collars also available. Several unique steel bondage ideas too including the famous nose shackle and also arm traps and other ideas. Custom service also available. This girl used the custom service as she wanted a nose hook based on the one JG Leathers designed.
Pricing : Quite expensive – however – having said that you get what you pay for and the quality is amazing.
Ordering : Shopping cart system with options of ways to pay.
Communication : Excellent.  This girl had tried their stock nose hook and also the one JG Leathers had designed. It was no trouble for them to make her one and their communication was very fast and very friendly. It’s nice knowing that they will do custom work as well as the stuff listed on the site.
Postage  : For what this girl has purchased in the past costs have been reasonable, items well packaged and on time and discrete.

What this girl bought : nose shackle – though she has also tried various restraints they have made for JG Leathers.

The nose shackle that is available on the website without enquiring for a custom one is shown in the picture below :-


The belt is also by Axsmar but belongs to JG. What a bitch he is that he has a similar waist size! This was this girl’s first ever introduction to anything made by Axsmar and the quality is amazing. There is absolutely no escape from any of their gear (provided you have chosen the right size for you of course) and it feel heavy-duty and is beautifully shiny. Being chained to this fence and abandoned and only able to move centimetres got this girl very spicy indeed. It was also one of the first bondage sessions she had during her 2009 visit to see JG Leathers with Grimly and so it was a lovely experience. Not long after that JG Leathers designed an alternative nose hook, more industrial in nature. The one in the picture above is perhaps prettier and daintier but this girl was attracted to the more industrial look so it wasn’t long before she just had to have one.

The following picture shows it in use together with the arm binder straight jacket (from the now defunct subshop) that Captive Kink had brought up during one of his visits to the old playroom at Grimly’s:-

axsmar new style nose hook accompanied with suspension bondage by Grimly & arm binder straightjacket by subshop(not available any longer :( )

However (to date) the most fun this girl has probably had with Axsmar toys is when she and Grimly did a wedding bondage shoot in JG Leathers’ garden. The steel seemed to compliment the satin and pearls just beautifully! Oh probably the first and last time she’ll combine bondage with a tiara 😉


It had been a fantasy of this girl’s for many years to be in bondage in her *actual* wedding dress so it was a dream come true to be chained in it and tormented by her husband (at that point she had just been married to him about 3 weeks)


A lot of people do ask how secure into the nose the hook is. Well the answer is very! Hopefully this picture below demonstrates that. However it is not uncomfortable just being worn for it’s own sake. It *can* be uncomfortable though if someone yanks a chain on the end of it it restricts the ability to manoeuvre somewhat! The thing is though – that just makes it very effective yet very simple and beautiful bondage.


Steel bondage is something this girl loves very much and certainly the quality of what Axsmar make is second to none. Yes its a bit expensive, but for memories like these ones absolutely worth it!


If you have had experience of this site or their products and want to leave a comment (good or bad – provided it can be supported) please do so .

Hope you have enjoyed this review and supporting pictures – stay tuned for next week 🙂 (and well hopefully some more kink in-between!)

10 thoughts on “Shopping therapy Sunday #2 : Axsmar

  1. That picture of you in the blue armbinder is stunningly sexy. I also find that picture of Grimly(?) attaching the nose hook a real turn on. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love some of this stuff, the nose bondage looks amazing, I wonder if I could get use to it, being attached to my nose x

  3. Glad you enjoyed Carl 🙂 Yes thats the evil bastard himself 😉

    Princess, i think you would probably like it, for me almost instant sub space from the first time i tried it since it restricts desire and ability to move quite a lot but in such a subtle and almost delicate way.

  4. I should come over and kick you!

    Le Maitre found me looking at the photo of Grimly looking incredibly smug with you on the end of the nose chain etc. He laughed and said, “You’d look good like that. Get the URL of the company’s web site and put it on my computer. I think I’ll do a little Retail Therapy myself…………………”

    As he wandered off, looking very pleased with himself, he added, “No need for you to look at the site. Can’t have you spoiling any surprises that may come your way.”

    I DREAD to think what he is doing now as he is in his study, making up for their being no skiing thanks to heavy snow here by spending some money in Mannheim. Grrrrrrrrr !

  5. I am sure Grimly would love to be visited by a sassy little brunette. However he’s the only one who lays kicking feet on me . But I am sure he could find the time to test his full array of “instruments of correction” on you…………………….. YEAH ! Hi5


    actually i think you should be rather pleased i’ve encouraged Le Maitre to go and spoil you

    double HI5 😉

  6. Beautiful wedding dress shots! I can’t help wondering what the neighbors thought but then maybe they are used to it?

  7. Thanks bonimiss! It’s not our neighbours since it was over at JG Leathers’ place in Canada

    and well yes, i think they are!

  8. My experience with this company is ongoing, but as of yet (almost a full year after ordering) I still haven’t received my order. They claim it was shipped out and that their mail carrier Deutsche Post said it wasn’t deliverable. I figured being in the US that customs might have snagged it so I few months later I re-ordered the nose shackle. They said the wouldn’t charge me and sent it out again. After not getting it yet again with the same excuse from their mail carrier They said they can’t keeping mailing it out and said “We can ship it again but now to be sure that you will receive it we would ship it insured (which would be 20€) or by fedex (35€) and we need an other delivering address.” Since I don’ have another address I guess I am stuck not getting it at all and will have to ask for my money back. I will let everyone know what the final result is.

  9. Sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience Master William.

    You must have more patience than me since i would not wait a year for any parcel kink or otherwise without getting some sort of resolution on the issue.

    If they say deutsche post said it wasn’t deliverable then they must have a tracking number to show how they got this information that they should be able to provide you. Was the address you were asking them to deliver to a non-street address – like a po box? You don’t have to answer that if you don’t wish but i’m wondering if that could be an issue also.

    Whenever i buy anything on line if its more than about £40-£50 worth then I will always pay the insured option usually since well I don’t know about in the USA but in the UK post is not always reliable.

    I think really what you need to decide is do you still want the product, I think if you do then you need to pay the extra postage if you choose an insured option at least you get a tracking number. Fedex especially maybe more appropriate for shipping to the USA(i’m in the UK so don’t have so much issues getting parcels from europe i have more issues with stuff from America) with a courier you’ll be able to know when they send it and where it is.

    Alternatively if you are totally fed up then i think by now you should be asking for a refund!

    I hope you get it sorted anyway. I’ve only made one purchase with Axsmar and I had no issue whatsoever and much enjoyment with the item and I also can think of at least more than half a dozen people that have also gotten a nose shackle there – mostly folks in the UK but folks also in both sides of Canada.

    Good luck with sorting it out 🙂

  10. Part of my day-to-day job for Le Maitre is expediting the shipment of objects d’art and even occasionally cars from Europe to Stateside buyers. Frankly the US Customs are a total pain in the butt, seemingly inventing or ignoring their own rules and guidelines at will. And they are good at stalling packages apparently just for the sheer hell of it.
    this girl’s advise is totally right – at the very least insure and, if you can afford it, use someone like Fedex. Their packages are far more likely to be waved through Customs than are mailed items even if insured.
    (No; we DON’T Fedex cars, although their containerised shipping division is extremely good.)

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