Cash in the attic

This last few days Grimly has been carpeting the attic with carpet tiles. It’s amazing how much difference it makes to the room to have carpet down. But just when this girl was stood there having a look at his work and the room in general it got a few thoughts going through her head about the attic she has now and also the attic she had growing up.

When this girl was in her last few years of primary school and the first few years of secondary school the cool thing was to play in those spaces that were normally off-limits or quirky, and yet converted to be suitable for use – but just barely.

For instance, a friend of hers did her homework in the cellar next to the washing machine. Another friend liked to sneak into her dad’s shed and play games in there. This girl herself encouraged her dad to build her a shed of her own but when she got bored with that and the cellar wasn’t a realistic option (as it wasn’t high enough) she went up and explored the attic. Her parent’s attic was carpeted with different bits of carpet and had a wardrobe at the end under the eaves with ‘stuff’ in it. Also, as a child this girl insisted on never ever throwing out a cuddly toy (and didn’t probably realistically get over that till she left home lol) since of course teddies have feelings and they would be upset – please don’t roll your eyes! Anyway, yes, even someone kinky and into bdsm cares about teddies.

This girl has one specific teddy that she was given by her Gran that has been with her always. The rest of them have now been given to charity or to other people’s children.

As a child though she liked exploring what else was in the attic. There was old fur coats (that she hoped would lead to Narnia lol), old cinereels and slides, old clothing and shoes, suitcases, a hostess trolley all sorts of random junk. Some of those things gave her countless hours of fun. Some of the old photos of her Dad just made her laugh!

She also had fun with her neighbour there too. Playing adventure games of kidnap and interrogation, the usual stuff – cowboys and indians, cops and robbers and everything else in-between. So there are lots of memories of the past of her past childhood and the memories of her family up there.

At her present home this girl didn’t have those family memories since when she moved in the attic was not carpeted like her parents’ one had been, it didn’t have a window, and was just really used for storing junk her ex and the previous residents had put there and things like the christmas tree. Also this girl didn’t really move too much ‘stuff’ to Scotland when she moved from England. She only brought clothing and a few bits and pieces and then added to her belongings when she bought the house. So no old memories just really new ones, and well, minimalist. Then Grimly moves in and brings kink 😉

So Grimly as you will have seen has made the attic a useable playroom, the toys in there are as loved as any teddies ever were, though well, it’s a different love though perhaps 😉 It’s not really the same thing. Though unlike some attics that are filled with old memories its instead some old ones, and some still to be made. So it feels kind of nice.

It feels better to keep the stuff that makes this girl happy now current, rather than memories just shut away, forgotten and dusty.

Some memories do of course need to be filed away in personal history but others are fun to revisit and refresh 🙂

4 thoughts on “Cash in the attic

  1. Some memories are nice to visit now and again, They can put a huge smile on your face, and making more is fun too x

  2. In my one house growing up, the attic was very accessible and I would go in there and explore also. There was nothing better than opening up a box, finding very strange things, and wondering who they had belonged to and why they were kept. And the attic and old things in it always had a different smell and feel about them. It was more a different world than just junk stored in boxes. I was curious and just did my exploration on my own. Today many of those boxes sit in my basement and no one looks in them but me. I guess there are too many distractions for kids to be interested in mysterious boxes.

  3. you know i think that’s kind of sad kids don’t have that. When I was little i was also more interested in the boxes that toys came in often than the toy itself well especially because my Mum used to do craft with the boxes and paint them up to look like boats and trains and stuff I suppose I have a lot to thank her for in helping develop my imagination at a young age 🙂 I don’t see how playing xbox or whatever helps with that. Oh i’m getting to be an old fuddy duddy eh 😉

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