Shopping therapy Sunday #1 : Mchurt

This girl has decided to do a new (hopefully) weekly series of posts on various kink retail experiences she has had. This series of posts are based on personal experience and are not sponsored reviews. The main reason why she thought about doing was this because of the number of times she gets asked ‘where did that come from ?’ A lot of items are made of course by Grimly but quite a few items are bought as well.

This girl has not received any money/products for her comments and are based on her own opinions of places she has chosen to shop at and products she and Grimly have chosen to want.

Hopefully this series might introduce you to some new items and websites you might not have seen before or give you confidence to go ahead with a purchase. Anyway hopefully you will enjoy! The first review is of the shop where this girl here most recent purchase.

Shop : McHurt

Located in : Berlin : Germany
Available to visit in person : Yes (though not personally visited it)
Language : German & English – items priced in Euro.


Site layout : Easy to navigate, dedicated pages to show new items & also special offers.
Items available : Bondage gear – Armbinders, straightjackets (male & female), hoods, collars, blindfolds, gags
For sensation – floggers,straps,quirts,crops,canes, clamps (various types) and weights, pinwheels, neon wands.
For orgasm – various plugs and vibrators

Pricing : seems about right for the quality of what is on offer
Ordering : Easy – shopping cart system and payment can be made by paypal
Communication : email communication to confirm order and tracking details, friendly despatch note in box.
Postage : cost was reasonable for what this girl bought. Tracking number was provided for courier and postage from Germany to UK was within 5 days. Well packaged in a zip lock bag within a box (discrete).

What this girl bought : Butterfly straight jacket

This girl chose to buy a leather butterfly straight jacket as she has lusted after one for a while and especially as she loves the latex one her friend TLC designs made for her very much.

Christopher is the first person this girl knows of to have designed a butterfly straight jacket and the ones he makes are absolutely stunning but this girl wanted one she could have this week, and whilst she’s on Christopher’s waiting list for a ‘project’ it might be some time before that comes to fruition.  Needless to say when this girl gets her mind on something it’s very much ‘ooh i want that now’ lol. That and, she has so  many ideas of other bondage items that she already has that will work so will with this.

Butterfly straight jackets are also available at the Church of Sinvention in Canada (approximately for double the price this girl spent at McHurt). Though, this girl has heard very good things about the quality of Church of Sinvention too (though not shopping there)

Since it only arrived on Friday, this girl has not had opportunity to play with the jacket much yet other than to try it on but the quality is very good. The sizing of this particular item is based on female dress sizes and this girl chose the 14-16 which is a good fit for her build though it comes in smaller sizes and also larger ones.  The leather is really good quality and its an adaptable item since the ‘sleeves’ have zips so the arms can be released from the upright position without taking the whole jacket off and also the crotch straps can either be used or removed so it’s quite versatile. Handy breast zips too 😉

Overall this girl is really pleased with the purchase and can’t wait to try it out properly next week (photos of rigorous testing to follow soon!)

Here’s a picture for now though of McHurt’s model demonstrating it :


Here’s a picture now also of this girl demonstrating it, though there are now others to be found around the blog too 🙂

As a shopping experience overall it was very good and this girl would buy other things from them in the future. She has friends who have the bolero arm binder and that is also very good quality. Given they have a good range of hitty things and gags its possible this girl might also purchase some of those in the future but there are so many other things on her wish list first!

If you have had experience of this site and want to leave a comment (good or bad – provided it can be supported) please do so 🙂 Please also comment as to what you think to this new feature 🙂

If anyone wants to participate in Shopping therapy Sunday and write their own posts about either the same shop this girl features or another and wants to link in please feel free just leave a comment with your link and mention any other bloggers posts on this subject in yours.

Stay tuned for next week! This girl plans to usually post this feature at approximately 0001 GMT Sunday AM.

21 thoughts on “Shopping therapy Sunday #1 : Mchurt

  1. What a great idea. As Le Maitre does all the shopping for ‘gear’ in our household, I’ll bring your reviews to his attention. But, unless I can persuade him to write a review (unlikely), sadly I won’t be able to contribute as this is one form of Shopping Therapy banned for la petite and myself.

  2. Thanks Jane. I can never get Grimly to write anything on here either – well I have managed to ask him to write twice I think! 🙂

    Most kink purchases we make we choose together unless one of us is surprising the other – though lately he has threatened to ban me from buying shoes! Though…I do have a lot!

  3. Has thisgirl ever been to Cathouse Clothing? i went several times and made very useful purchases but not for a while now. A helpful proprietorix.

  4. i’ve not, but next time i’m in that direction i’ll try to, i keep meaning to have a nose in there and also alternative footwear’s shop too 🙂

  5. Buying shoes is addictive. Two years ago I had two old pairs of medium heels of my late mother’s and two pairs of male shoes. Now I still have two pairs of male shoes but 29 pairs of heels from 2 inch up to five inch plus a six inch pair with two inch platform. Black, pink, blue, yellow, green, white, gold, silver, bronze. Patent leather, satin, ordinary leather, and some with sequins. Ones with locking straps and shoe locks in black patent leather and home made ones in transparent plastic (made from industrial fork lift truck curtain strips.) Being a sissy maid I have black and white maid shoes of course, in both satin and leather and pairs in pink for my pink morning uniform too.

  6. Any time, Grimly……………….. I love grassing on fellow submissives/slaves ! Specially ones who spend ALL their Master/Dominant’s hard earned money of buying a shedload of shoes 🙂

  7. I am sure Le Maitre would love to be visited by a sassy little red-head. However he’s the only one who lays spanking hands on me (or la petite). But I am sure he could find the time to test his full array of “instruments of correction” on you…………………….. YEAH ! Hi5 🙂

  8. I played cricket at school so I bet I could throw a meaner snow ball than you ! (Or maybe you are a retired javelin thrower………..OOOPs.)

  9. Wow, that’s an awesome site for gear thisgirl.

    Have bookmarked it, when I have a bit of spare money I will likely end up buying something.

  10. Wishing I hadn’t read this review a few months ago now, lol.

    I like restrictive things far too much. Much more than what’s good for me (or is it good for me that I like restrictive things… hmmm).

    Just bought the mini single glove, hood, and the funky ear muffs/blindfold combo they do.

    Best of all they do ship to Australia! 🙂

  11. I think its one of my favourite shops at the moment. I just got some nice new clamps hehe

    Whats the ear muffs/blindfold combo like ? I was thinking of getting that perhaps 🙂 I really do want the armbinder though!

  12. I’ll post back here with what I think about the items once I receive them. Hopefully the shipping from Germany to Australia is nice and fast, hehe.

  13. Well in answer to how much longer can it take, I just received it this morning. So 2 weeks to get from Germany to Australia. Joys of a day off, things always tend to arrive when I have the day off work! 🙂 🙂

    Won’t be able to give the mini single glove a proper go until later this month – it’s not exactly something you can self-lace up, lol, but have given the hood and the ear muffs/blindfold combo a brief run.

    The hood is awesome, so softly padded inside, it’s like wearing a pillow on your head, that’s snugged up nice and tight. So big thumbs up from me on that, I like it better than the other sensory deprivation hood I have.

    The ear muffs/blindfold combo, about the only thing I’d say is the straps a little long, but other than that, works as advertised. The blindfold bits definitely stop you seeing anything (that said they do pretty much force you to have your eyes closed, so yeah), and the earmuffs definitely block out sound pretty well.. I imagine it would be even better if you had ear plugs in as well.

    So yeah, quite happy with them, even if I’ve only played with them briefly.

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