The parent trap

Over the last few weeks with it being of course the festive period this girl’s parents have been a lot on her mind. Especially since she never got to see her Mum till the 3rd of January due to being ill 😦

Parents do get in the way of kink a bit though. It sometimes feels as though the ‘secret life’ of work and normality is mainly there for their benefit – of course that’s not the truth at all this girl loves her secret life as much as her real one. Well not perhaps her job – though sometimes that is okay. She really wanted to see her parents over Christmas it just didn’t happen. However her Mum was up last week since it was her birthday though this girl’s Dad stayed home in England so she’s planning on going and seeing the whole family next week if it doesn’t snow.

It’s funny though. So far this girl’s family have only visited the house twice since it’s been *kinked* i.e since Grimly moved in. Most of the kink is in the attic which is lockable with a secret hatch. So far they have not asked what Grimly has put up there and have accepted that whilst he has renovated it there is just ‘junk from his old house’ and they have been happy at that. Of course it’s not junk! The only other kink in the house are the clothes which are in a lockable wardrobe and also the book collection which is on a secret shelf in Grimly’s office. Sometimes, and especially since Kenny finished the painting this girl and Grimly have some bits of erotic art hanging. That was all hidden. It’s actually surprising how quickly the house can be sanitized when required especially since this girl gets advance warning of any visit given the mileage difference.

Some kink suppliers have invented things especially for being covert. An example of this can be found over at Foxy Furniture. Though this girl has not had any dealings with this company, but some of their ideas are interesting 🙂 Have any readers? Or with suppliers of other covert kink equipment?

It’s a natural worry and concern to think about how to hide kink and make it covert when its necessary to do so. This girl has had worries in the past where she thought she’d been outed so she does try to be as careful as she can at the same time as living as exhibitionistic kink life as she wants. It’s a difficult balance sometimes actually! For the most part hopefully it works!

So, there have been a few close calls or a few comments that have caused embarrassment so here a few of the edited highlights from over the years :-

Mum – ‘have you read that 50 shades of grey I asked your Dad to buy me it but he wouldn’t’

(no Dad would be more interested in 50 sheds of grey)

Dad – ‘why do you wear that dog collar round your neck are you trying to be like those goths?’

Dad ‘what are you views on punishment ?- i think offenders should be stripped naked and whipped at half time at the football and then arrested for indecent exposure’

hmmm…can’t see that catching on.

Grimly to Mum – ‘I spank her when she does things wrong after being warned’

Mum – ‘Oh you must get spanked a lot then. Do you like it? ‘


Well anyway these are all innocent little comments and cause only moderate discomfort.

Sometimes of course parents can embarrass their children too. Both sets of parents are now at the ages of Grimly and this girl feeling like the responsible adults rather than vice versa.

This girl found a vibrator in their bedroom once before she knew what they were. Grimly’s dad mentions regularly how long it is since he last had sex (a long time!)  however at least they haven’t done anything like what happened to this poor guy! Unfortunate but bloody hilarious!

Grimly’s mum does know a little about kink but doesn’t ask anything.

The thing really is that parents don’t need know any more about their offsprings relationships than the offspring need to know about theirs.

Somethings are just wayyy too much information!

10 thoughts on “The parent trap

  1. 50 sheds is quite q funny book- I got it for christmas from the family.
    Think it was an innocent thought, as we have a shed.
    Some of the items are very hilarious if you let your inner kink out to play. Well recommended.

    Oh ” and a Happy New Year to you and all your readers.

  2. Well, me always airing on the side of safety..when living in the flats in Liverpool with my parents I always took out the connecting rod between the out door handle and the inner door handle, so they looked normal but the handle wouldn’t open the door ! Good job I did as the lovely fiancee was hooded and tied ( gulp, can’t belive I used rope in those days ) to the bed posts when my parents returned home early. Dad tried the door but immediately backed off ( he knew ).
    Talk about being embarrassed when we emerged from my bedroom ( all rooms on the same level in the flat )about 15 minutes later……then again, got my own back when I bought them a bolt for THEIR bedroom door when I caught my parents about to commence action in their room – LOL

  3. I came upon FoxyFurniture a while ago, and they have the plans for a few of their items available on their site. That’s all it took for me, being someone who dabbles in woodworking. I made the VersaHorse, and I love the result. I am the one in our relationship who craves the pain, punishment, and bondage. It is indeed versatile, and folds up nicely, although one does need a fairly large closet to hide it. It has ample restraint points and I am easily brought into subspace with tight bonds and a tight hood (hopefully tonight). I love reading your blog and I must admit I live vicarisley thru you on occasion (especially when it comes to Grimlys chair!). Thanks!

  4. thanks housebound happy new year to you too. When I married Grimly i didn’t gain a husband I lost my garage. lol. Which, is a bit greedy of him since he has already taken up his Mum’s one as well.

    KC, close calls are fun aren’t they 😉

    Andy, thanks for your comment good to hear from another creative guy 🙂

  5. We had family stay with us over christmas, our playroom was out of bounds, just like you, we have a few kinky bits around the house, gasmasks carefully placed in bathrooms, a candlestick of a girl in a rubber catsuit, and other bits, we didnt hide them we just laughed them of as our sense of humour but we hated the playroom being shut up, we need our kink, its when we are truly us, its hard to pretend your normal whencleary you just aren’t and when you are use to getting your kink on its difficult to have it taken away x

  6. I Remember (long time ago) i was helping my friend at the entrance of a bdsm club (doma)
    cople comes in, pyas entrance and is going into the social space
    4 seconds
    They come out, pale as a (something very pale): My dad and mum are in there
    Sun and doughter-in-law never knew dad and mum where into bondage, and other way around
    It took some talking to get them in there again and i stayed with the couple(s) a few hours. I think father and son learned to know eachother on a whole new level
    Years later clubowner and I stil talking about it.

  7. Many responses to your situation are possible HOWEVER I rate it not impossible that something tips the truth out and your mum says “but my Dear I knew all along, but I am far too polite to mention it” Possible???

  8. Princess, i don’t mind hiding kink when I have to its just one of those things when trying to balance a normal everyday life with a kinky one that sometimes can’t be all on show. Its manageable 🙂

    Falcon, something similar happened to Grimly actually – he took a newbie girl to a club and her parents were there, i think they all laughed it off though.

    Islv…..polite, embarrassed, reserved, out of date….but YES

  9. I used to be mortified at the thought of my parents finding out about the kinky side of my life, but I came to the conclusion a few years ago that, actually, it’s pointless hiding it.

    It’s a not-insubstantial part of who I am, and always have been. It doesn’t change who I am, and my parents accept me as I am. They don’t understand it though. At all.

    The real worry for me is explaining it to my son when he inevitably finds out when he’s older :s

  10. my parents don’t understand me anyway without trying to get them understand this side LOL

    I think this stuff should most definitely be kept away from offspring until they’re at least of adult age. I used to know someone who was very very open about her kink even in front of her 8 year old and whilst he seemed healthy it just seemed very wrong to me.

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