A woman of substance?

It is sort of traditional to have made some new years resolutions and stuff at this point. Well this girl has sort of made some of those! The emphasis being on sort-of.

Lose weight. Ideally – a stone.

This girl had done really well to lose weight for the wedding…and then well, marriage makes life more comfortable. Well at times Grimly has made it more Uncomfortable…but in general living has been more comfortable and more plush. Fancy bathrooms and kitchens helps that!

Acquire more kink stuff.

This girl already has a lot of kink stuff, but more is good. Just sometimes to keep things fresh, add new ideas into the mix. That might involve a few extravagant purchases but probably mostly Grimly creations. This girl has already seen a collar she would like him to make – not exactly like this as she would change the style a little and  this is latex and she would want leather, and perhaps more ‘rungs’ :


Grimly hasn’t made an awful lot of equipment recently, however the last month has sort of been wiped out with illness so hopefully in due course the shed will reopen! If for no other reason but to restore the MGF and get that back on the road! On that subject this girl would also like to use the blog to write a few kinky how-to’s with Grimly’s help. Starting with basics like collars and cuffs and building up – something she’s planned to do for a while just never got round to it!

Meet more new people

This girl would also like to meet more new friends this year and see more of existing ones. Well that will be starting with a visit to a local club at the weekend 🙂

Be a better submissive and also a better dominant

This girl wants to continue developing her dominant persona (aka Mrs Feendish) but also wants to reconnect to what she has had in the past with Grimly. To be honest since he moved in too many other things have got in the way – kitchens, bathrooms, illness, holidays, work – there always seems to be something that puts the kink right back behind everything. As a result its made this girl question whether she really is submissive and /or a masochist at all since she’s lived without that so long. Somewhere its there, in the background of her mind but it’s just well finding that again. Hopefully that will be fun to rediscover in time.

This girl read this interesting article which states a woman of substance is a woman of power, a woman of positive influence and of meaning. This girl would just like in general to more positive in life generally and in kink too – well in all parts of life.

The article gives good advice of to basically speak up for what you want and pursue your dreams keeping in mind your own values. To this girl the most important values of all are friendship, imagination, honesty,trust and integrity with a little bit of resilience thrown in. Hopefully those things show through over this blog and with how she is around others whether they be friends and/or play partners.

Really what this girl is trying to say is she wants to relate that idea to how life is at the moment especially in respect of kink, to sort of try to develop things in a new direction, maybe partly the same direction as she’s been in before but a new path. The D/s part of this girl’s relationship with Grimly has sort of fallen onto rocky ground lately and so it would be nice to get that back on track. The odd thing is , this girl isn’t any less happy at the moment than she was a year ago, or five years ago but she is wistful for something and even she isn’t quite sure how that is defined exactly.

Really that is what makes life interesting. Not seeing what things develop into, but seeing how they continue developing and evolving 🙂

5 thoughts on “A woman of substance?

  1. I am certainly looking forward to the “how-to’s”, just keep in mind to make them so even I can do it 🙂
    And of course I am looking forward to visiting you this year, albeit late in the year.

  2. i can’t wait either and i look forward to introducing you to some more British friends ! Hope everything is going well with the new job! 🙂

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