Every cloud has a silver lining :)


The results are in of the 2012 Bondage Awards! Thank you to everyone who voted! Sadly, this girl did not win her category of best bondage blog however coming 2nd is a lovely achievement and accolade so thank you so much to everyone who took the time and effort to sign in and vote. It means so much whether you were the one who nominated her, or someone who voted once, or every day, it is really appreciated 🙂

When this girl started writing here she wasn’t expecting any sort of recognition, other than from Grimly so it is a really lovely feeling to know other people enjoy reading the stories and seeing the pictures.

Ok so these awards don’t have the glitz of a red carpet , or acceptance speech but then this girl would die of embarrassment if she ever won something she had to accept in public. Earlier in the year she had to attend an awards ceremony in London for something she was nominated for work related (in her day job) and was sat across from the head of her company and was so glad NOT to have won anything major and all the big boss is going to remember her for is a really atrocious joke she made whilst she was pretending to like the salmon.

The thing is by nature this girl was never originally a very competitive person. Certainly not at sports. At school she was acknowledged as rubbish at sports – and was always second at everything – second from last. Only a very unhealthy freckled girl was worse! Well, no one can be a high achiever at everything. At school this girl’s talents were more academic and perhaps in that respect she was slightly competitive in that she liked to achieve the best results she could. She had a love/hate relationship with her history teacher and he once marked her 62/63 on a piece of work taking off a point only for spelling and grammar and she hated him for it – because it made her look like a total swot in front of her classmates, but also not perfect as well, close but no cigar. Yeah he was a sadist of course!  Well it was from him this girl got a lot of her first bdsm fantasies – nothing untoward – just when he spoke about historical tortures and interrogations and his dark broodiness it just is something this girl will always remember as being perhaps part of the catalyst that led her down to this path, well someone has to blamed 😉 Now he’s probably around 70 and not doing much but who knows maybe somewhere he’s living some sort of secret life.

The blog started as this girl’s record of her secret life. For people who are new who have perhaps discovered this girl as a result of the bondage awards the entries go back to 2006 so cover a lot of ground a lot of changes, relationships, stories, events, travel, meeting people. Life can change a lot in six years. To begin with this girl just wrote, there were no pictures and the whole moniker and the writing  style here was to hide her true identity. However, as this girl has grown more confident in her kink she’s posted more and more photographs and met more and more people – great people as a result. Not just people from her own country either, but friends from the US, Canada and Europe many of whom she would count as friends now whether they remained kinky or not since they are very special to her.  it’s amazing actually how kink and fantasy and a deviant imagination can bring such interesting people together to share their stories and adventures with each other. Long may that continue.

Hopefully having a little more recognition now too will introduce this girl to some new friends. She always welcomes emails and friends’ requests from people who say hello. On fetlife she is thisgirlsub and email can also be sent by the link on the blog at the top of the page. She won’t always necessarily reply the same day but she will reply.

So really with these acceptance speech things somewhere everyone has to be thanked. The main person she has to thank is Grimly because without him she would have absolutely nothing at all to write about and no one so special to share her adventures with. Sorry this is cheese but this is par for the course with this whole thing. However its the readers who are important as well, they keep this girl going. This girl would still do kink whether she had a blog or not, but knowing people read it and enjoy reading it makes this girl take extra special effort to churn out material that she feels is worthy of the time it takes people to read it as a result of that her posts are not every day, since she writes only when inspiration comes along rather than to a set routine.

She hopes some of the things she writes give people inspiration too, whether it be from her words or to emulate ideas that she or Grimly have created in photographs. Even if it gives some person confidence to pursue their fantasies with a partner then it is worthwhile to write here.

If this girl who used to come second to last at sports can come second from top in a bdsm awards vote because she went off to pursue her dreams and has people who admire that then really there is no reason why other people can’t do the same in their own ways 🙂

This girl doesn’t want people to read the stuff here and think ‘wow thats amazing why can’t that happen to me’ she wants them to think ‘well actually, maybe something like that, maybe not exactly the same, but something, could’

Thank you again to everyone who voted your efforts are really appreciated.

* full details of all winners and runners up will be published on the bondage awards website shortly 🙂

15 thoughts on “Every cloud has a silver lining :)

  1. Very well done. You more than deserve the recognition for opening-up your life and adventures and showing that real bondage is for real people who can find the courage and inventiveness to go for their desires and dreams.

  2. I would like to echo the congrats that have been expressed so far. For me it goes further though, much further. It is in your last paragraph. I have always read things and yes wished it could be me. When I started reading yours, then I did start to believe that it could be me and then I started to have the courage and the determination to “make it so”.

    It is likely we will never meet but I owe you a debt of gratitude and look forward to being inspired even more by your journey.

    Thank you so much.

  3. Just don’t let your head swell too much from being so famous or Grmily might have to compress it like a Willy Wonka blueberry. And please don’t forget the little people as you rise in fame. Remember little people are good at cunnilingus even when you are standing

  4. A big well done. If any thing. I think your blog is always No 1. When is the party? Wishing you and Grimly a happy Xmas and a great new year! Keep up your fantasti blog
    Keith xxx

  5. Speech! Speech! 😉 Seriously, though – congratulations, TG. Your blog has been an inspiration to trinity pup, me and many more people over the years. Keep it up and I reckon you’ll be numero uno in 2013!
    SingleGlove xx

  6. Congratulations on your award. It is really well deserved. I can safely say that over the years that we have read your blogs they have been an inspiration to us. You are correct in what you say things can happen and become reallity. Once again a big well done from Me and Princess. Have a great Christmas and a happy new year

  7. Congratulations! Your openness and pretty obvious integrity and honesty make this blog very special for me – no BS in here. Thank you. Please keep it up.

  8. Well done * – You deserve it !
    *[Ah – You probably have been by now (evil leer!)]

  9. Congratulations; your blog will always be an example for me as to how I should write my own. Maybe No 1 next year.

    For now HAPPY CHRISTMAS and I hope you and Grimly have a really memorable and rewarding 2013

    BIG hugs jane

  10. Congratulations from one of your long time lurkers! A well deserved reward!

    ~His azra

  11. Yes… this is another congratulations from a long time lurker! I am so happy for you, and I hope you get first next year, as you deserve it. Your blog is hands down my favorite for many, many reasons, and I wish you and Grimly a wonderful Holiday season. 🙂 Luci

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