“Pleasure is the greatest incentive to evil”

“Pleasure is the greatest incentive to evil.” A quote by Plato

“Remember that time when you were trying to be strict, and scary, and intimidating, and mean, and it just came across as adorably cute?”

A quote by lollygasmic.

Lollygasmic has not actually met this girl so to come out with a comment that is so,well, close to the mark is quite clever however this girl has spoken to her for a long time online. Hopefully one day she will get to meet her.

What she said  is very true though.

This girl cannot be evil or strict or scary without being a little bit nice and caring as well, as anyone who has met her dominant persona will know. Mind you, this girl never wanted to aim for that stereotypical evil bitch role. Telling someone to ‘kneel bitch’ just is not her thing at all, the same way as being told that isn’t her thing either. Sometimes there are times for more subtlety 😉

Years ago this girl tried her hand at being a professional dominatrix. It didn’t work, because in those kind of situations she had to turn the evil on and the role on like it was a tap whether she felt any chemistry for the person or not. It was funny actually, this girl saw someone who she knew when she was trying out being a pro dom at an event last night but it was so long ago and she looks a bit different so he didn’t make the connection or if he did he didn’t say. Just as well in many ways since the session with him hadn’t been perfect, it was okay, but not mind-blowing as some of the sessions this girl has had with female submissives have been. This girl also had another guy last night hankering to play with her at the fetish club she was at ,but she wasn’t in the frame of mind for being evil and also she wasn’t into him either.

For this girl to be the best dom she needs the right attachment points. Not just the physical bondage kind either, though those help! There needs to be chemistry with the person and they need to want *her* rather than just the sensations that she can induce. and she needs to want to give them those.

Really though her incentive for being evil is not really for the pure sadism of it for its own sake. That is part however her main motive is wanting to give the person the pleasure that the pain will create in allowing them to explore their fantasies and to enjoy sensations that they might not have otherwise thought possible. It’s that sort of sharp intake of breath as they contemplate what is about to happen, or that sort of look of longing and love in the eye or just little whimpers begging for more, or sometimes less 😉 Of course it’s also the drool from the gag or the signs that show the victim is aroused. Smiles in-between screams are also so amazingly hot. Those little signs that for them are humiliating pleasure but for her a sign that she got it right.

She doesn’t always. Sometimes this girl is too smooth to be dominant. Like knocking over expensive pieces of kit, getting her corset stuck when trying to take it off to get intimate, all sorts of stupid little things have happened when this girl has been in the zone. Though surely stuff like wardrobe malfunctions can happen to anyone? Right??

As a result of not being into the stereotype, this girl doesn’t talk that much when she’s on the giving end, mostly because anything that she says comes out like cheese and something out of a bad porn movie. The thing is though non verbal communication during bdsm play is so much hotter,and sometimes a submissive can say so much just with their eyes and likewise this girl can say quite a lot just with bondage, percussion,electrics, and  tools of pain and pleasure that words perhaps aren’t needed.

Even so, most times she can’t act evil for long. Yes it can be about pain, especially if the person on the receiving end craves that more than anything, but this girl spends so much time before and during and after a session wondering if it was right. Wondering if it was okay for them , wondering if they got what they wanted. Wondering if it was not enough or if it was too much.So when she gets feedback that is amazing.

This girl knows there have been times when it’s not been perfect, hell , it’s a learning curve after all for everyone.

The thing is though the part of a scene that makes this girl the happiest and really this is from both a top and bottom perspective is how it ends. On a receiving end that might often be with an orgasm, on a giving end sometimes that’s appropriate sometimes it’s not. Sometimes its about a different kind of release, some downtime, a cuddle, a chat, warmth and tenderness.

This is where pro dominatrixes are not as good as someone who cares as opposed to someone being paid. A dom that cares will ensure that the pain and bondage may be as hedonistic as its possible to get and that the come down from it will be a blissful descent rather than a crash.

Well back to what lolly said though, at the end of the day this girl can’t maintain the evil. She couldn’t end a session with a click of the finger. Nor would she want to. It’s more about whats deeper and more meaningful for the person and getting totally inside the submissive’s head and that for this girl is the ultimate pleasure and the whole reason for trying to be evil in the first place. The biggest pleasure is the arousal that comes from knowing the lady on the receiving end got exactly what she wanted and ideally, more as well on top. Is that cute?

If its cute to give a friend what they want then this girl is happy to be referred to as that, so she took that comment as an insult.

Maybe she’ll be a big bad dominatrix when she grows up though. Decades yet mind you before that happens!

this girl with a lovely lady who recently came for a visit

13 thoughts on ““Pleasure is the greatest incentive to evil”

  1. Super pic. I’ll let you know how scary, or cute you are when I’ve experienced your talents. As a person though, you are cute

  2. Yes, really cute!! Really. Its hard to think of you any other way after reading about you and Grimly’s exploits, but I’m sure you must enjoy the switch- over. But “evil” does not seem to sit well with you. Someone else I know calls herself “nurturing sadist”. Maybe that works for you too!
    I like your blog. Thanks.

  3. I had to smile reading this blog as I am totally incapable for acting as a switch even for 5 minutes without collapsing either with laughter or in embarrassment.

    As ‘la petite’ is Le Maitre’s slave and I am His submissive, I do have command rights over her – as I am born lazy that means I order her around to do all the chores in the house. But if I said “Kneel bitch!” to her, I’d probably curl up giggling and she would wonder what the hell had got into me.

    I somehow doubt if I will ever grow up and certainly not into a big bad Dominatrix. Hey, in bed with ‘la petite’ I always seem to end up as the bottom !

    Hugs, jane

  4. stevie, thanks glad you like it 🙂

    Carlgat2, there’s quite a few posts actually about me switching its something i’ve done most of the time that i’ve been into bdsm just some years more than others and more so probably before i met Grimly, i like both perspectives i suppose well yes maybe i’m just greedy 🙂

    jane, you never know what might happen in the future 😉

  5. As a switch married to a switch I find the idea of being dommed by someone who is not acting the role of a dominant very sexy. I think is is the loss of control, the fear of being hurt, which contrasts again the demenour of the person inflicting the pain. To be told in a soft caring voice that she is about to beat me and I am powerless to stop it is much more powerful than the cruel dominatrix.

    As a switch in top mode my favourite type of play is were there is a chance that at the end of the session the tables will be turned and I will put myself at the mercy of the woman I abused earlier in the evening. It dosen’t happen very often (I guess most people do not switch as easily as I do) but when it has it as been a truely intense experience.

    (one half of CamdenCouple on FetLife and FetBook)

  6. As one half of a switch couple (male) I particually love scenes when there is a mismatch between what ther person is doing to me physically to how they are communicating with me. I guess it is the contrast between the total loss of control, the fear of pain and humilition and the soothing words I am hearing from the person inflicting it on me.

    It sort of works the other way too. The best scenes I have had as a top come about when there is the expectation that I will switch with the person I am topping at the end of the evening. It is not a common thing (I guess I switch more easily than most people) but when it does the loss of control feels that much more intense.

    BTW I am very glad to have stumbled on you blog with the demise of electronic doll’s blog I was definitely missing my weekly blog fix.


    (Camdencouple on FetLife and FetBook)

  7. Balzac – Wow!! I find it hard to get my head round the idea of people switching as you do, probably just because I just get embarrassed and confused when I try. Yet my best friend in the Scene (outside our household) switches effortlessly and is equally happy whether top or bottom.

    BTW when my parents were first married, they had a house near Camden Passage. Then I arrived and spoiled the party ! 🙂

  8. camdencouple well said, certainly one of my favourite pictures of Grimly is this https://thisgirl.wordpress.com/2010/01/16/the-face-behind-the-nightmare/ where he has me in very severe bondage on JG Leathers’ plank bed but has a really loving look on his face which obviously i didn’t see till i saw the picture afterwards. But then quite often our play is like that he might be being totally evil and yet smiling and looking loving and happy. I too like the mismatch. I think i am a bit like that when i domme too i can’t do the evil face chewing a wasp thing lol I don’t want to.

    Jane, you never know maybe it will happen if you meet someone that sparks it in you but of course its not for everyone. I was at a club not long ago and a dom had two subs and he was trying to get one to hit the other and she was hardly touching her. Perhaps i was cheeky but I asked if i could show how it was done, they were all happy for me to do so therefore I did. After seeing how the girl reacted to being spanked it seemed to encourage the other girl to put more enthusiasm into it lol

    thanks princess 🙂

  9. Great post but please do not assume all pro-dom/mes are the same. Yes I think there are many who just want to get your money and kick you out the door but I have been lucky in my choice and found one who cares for her clients and they in turn find themselves caring for her. Loyalty is a two way thing too.

  10. No i don’t assume that at all.There are different degrees of them it is true and if you have found one you are happy with then i wish you well. However, someone that will only play with you if you pay them £100+ whatever they charge these days an hour is not going to do as much for you as someone who does it from the heart without finance.

  11. “However, someone that will only play with you if you pay them £100+ whatever they charge these days an hour is not going to do as much for you as someone who does it from the heart without finance.”

    Actually they might do more, certain PDs that is, if they have that particular skill set honed over years of experience which your lifestyle partner may either lack or have no interest in, that is in terms of particular technical bdsm stuff……..but if your point is about the more emotional connection and aftercare stuff and personal and more loving bdsm, then yes your point is well taken.

    Love your point about feeling uncomfortable trying to do the whole mean Dominatrix act as if it isn’t genuinely in you then best to let it lie dormant………like some mentioned above what has
    always captivated my sub-liness is that combination of genuine sadism and sweet demeanor as the juxtaposition is just enthralling!

    I also love that idea of switching with someone who you initially top with both knowing that you both will switch roles thereafter for her to get even!…….still in my bucket list 🙂

  12. “Love your point about feeling uncomfortable trying to do the whole mean Dominatrix act ”

    oh i’m getting better at it 😛

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