Seal of approval

On Sunday this girl and Grimly shined up their latest addition to the collection – a new vac bed! Well new latex for it anyway. The tubes are old but the latex is new and made up by this girl’s friend TLC Designs

So to explain what a Vacbed is to those that haven’t come across one, it’s essentially a latex envelope in this case about 6′ by 4′ that is stretched across a frame. The frame Grimly used for this one was made up of some plastic pipes. it’s actually *relatively* inexpensive to make since most of the cost is in buying a roll of latex and putting a zip onto it. There also needs to be an air hole or tube for the person to be able to breathe and a vigilant person on the outside to make sure there are no problems. In addition to a hole for breathing, there also needs to be a connection point to connect up a vacuum cleaner to suck out the air usually this is at the foot end of the vac bed.

How it works in practice is that the person crawls into the envelope, lines up their nose and mouth with the breathing apparatus and then the envelope is zipped up to provide  tight seal and then the air is sucked out so that the latex hugs the body. The picture probably describes the effect so much the better!

It is important to remember this is a type of play that can be dangerous especially if attempted alone and there have been deaths in the past in the fetish community by people misusing this type of equipment basically by trading safety for the need for a quick hit. It’s sad but its true so just really please play safe. Really all this girl is trying to say is if you want to do this type of kink research it and have someone to do it with you. Any kind of play that restricts breathing and also movement to this extent should *not* be attempted alone.

It had actually been over three years since this girl had used a vac bed the last time being when her friend Rubbert brought his over to JG Leathers’ house during Grimly and this girl’s engagement party. Hot as it is , it’s not a piece of equipment this girl would ever probably use that often since the suction does put a lot of pressure around the body and it’s more fun to remember each time how enjoyable it is than to spoil it by doing it lots!

The last vac bed Grimly had before the rubber on it broke had a slightly different mouth piece and it was more a sort of scuba tube that fitted into the mouth. The new one uses a breathing mask and this girl finds that much more comfortable especially as Grimly found one that is a very good fit for her face.

This girl is always a bit apprehensive when a vac bed is turned on because suddenly it goes from being just laying enclosed in rubber to being laying enclosed in rubber and unable to move *at all* once the vacuum sucks the air out there is absolutely no way to move. Given it takes away sight, and movement it is a fantastic toy for lovers of sensory deprivation and also obviously latex fetishists. When Grimly first tested out he was nice enough to put a vibrator in with her and the latex suction held that in place just nicely.

However after dinner Grimly decided it would be interesting to see how it would work combined with electricity and also the bubbler bottle and so got this girl to slide into it after fitting her with both anal and vaginal electrodes. Being electrocuted through the vac bed was very odd. It was pleasant and this girl had several orgasms at Grimly’s command but it was odd in a way because the restriction of it is due to the vacuum not due to chains or cuffs or rope so whilst it was more restrictive physically it didn’t feel as though *he* had restrained her as much, even though he actually had. Perhaps what this girl is trying to say is that quite often she enjoys the getting into bondage as much as the torture that might happen whilst she’s getting into it, and she enjoys the building of layers whereas this is set up much more quickly.  Using the bubbler bottle with the vac bed was a great idea since it meant Grimly had a very visible sign to see she was breathing okay. Well and it looks good too 😉


Listening to the bubbles at the same time as the vacuum cleaner was very odd acoustically, but it must have added to the effect since when this girl finally got out of the vac bed she couldn’t see clearly at all and was very spaced out. The vac bed isn’t as relaxing as many forms of sensory deprivation since its unrelenting in how tight it is which is good of course for other reasons. However, the bondage itself is so full on it makes everything else feel even more so and  it seemed to magnify everything to the point where it was perhaps a little overwhelming. This girl likes being overwhelmed so it has her seal of approval but it is just one of those things that you need to be committed and into wanting to do. It’s not for anyone who has any sort of claustrophobia or enclosure fears. But if being encased in latex, extremely confined and tortured is your thing, well yes then it’s for you! It’s pretty sexy in any event 😉


5 thoughts on “Seal of approval

  1. Those last 2 pics look like something out of a mad scientists lab lol! Yes, I’m jealous! Been a long time now, but will never forget my first time in one of those beds, it was quite a sensation

  2. I think these are some if the sexiest vac bed pictures I’ve seen. Perfectly set up and beautifully polished. Nice job, Grimly! Just looking at you lying there makes me tingly all over. I tried a vac bed once with an electric butt plug. It was fantastic except for the fact that I had a slight cold and kept choking up on it. Spoiled the enjoyment of it a bit.

  3. electrics with sensory deprivation are a good mix…colds not so good…i speak from recent experience!

  4. Like you i also love that layering on of bondage early in a scene also!

    Vac bed may go into my bucket list after reading your description above!

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