A picture paints a thousand words

Kenny has now finished the painting he’s been doing of this girl and so she met up with him last week to collect it at a local Starbucks. Having coffee whilst a massive painting of her in a straightjacket lies in a pink plastic wrapper was a bit surreal but very cool πŸ™‚

The above photo shows a small section of the painting to show the paint technique close up. It’s really clever in that the further away from the painting you get the more it looks like a photograph. But it’s not it’s been painstakingly painted. These kind of things sort of amaze this girl because its talent that she just does not have. She can write words but she cannot paint pictures. She’s hoping that in the future her craft skills might improve and still has it in her sights to learn leathercraft but who knows if that will ever take off well.

Hmm perhaps she shouldn’t give up her day job…as much as she would love to!

This painting does tell quite a few stories actually though Β – of the model, the photographer, and the artist.

This girl can’t remember her exact thoughts when her friend Captive Kink took the photo this painting was based on since its a photo from 2010 and before the chaos of all the wedding plans! She was actually quite chilled out and happy just to be in bondage after doing quite a few other bondage shoots with different straight jackets and bondage apparatus with Grimly and Captive Kink that afternoon most of which were more elaborate but sometimes bondage does not have to be fancy. Often, simple restraint can actually be very satisfying! Β It was almost bedtime so she’d got her pyjamas on and Captive Kink had decided it would be fun to put her in the posey Jacket. Β This girl would love to have a posey jacket of her own but they don’t come up for sale often and there are so many other things she’d like to spend her money on too!

That posey jacket is quite special to her though since she’s also worn the same one whilst cuddling a certain London based lady πŸ™‚

The story of the photographer, well, hopefully he was just having fun after travelling all the way from Wales to Scotland to visit this girl and Grimly. Most men have fun when they’re tying up girls don’t they? Even girls like this one who are perhaps more of a handful than most. In fact, men probably enjoy tying up that type more since maybe bad girls deserve bondage.

That really should have been this girl’s campaign slogan for the bondage awards- bad girls deserve bondage πŸ˜‰

The artist too, like the photographer his story is pretty much his own.

Some people might think it odd for a stranger to labour over such a painting and get it just right noting every fold of the canvas of the jacket, the exact angle of her smile but its not odd at all to this girl. It’s very flattering. He’s not really now much of a stranger since this girl has been speaking to Kenny online for a good few years and he’s commented here a lot. This girl will make friends with people she meets through the blog, especially if they have witty and intelligent comments to make or fun stories to share, or both. Or if they’re sexy like in the case of pup.

When she started this blog she never expected she would really meet new people from it face to face, let alone that she would have an impression on them that they would want to do something like this for her. It’s really nice. Some fan behaviours like sending underwear through the post or writing sickening fawning letters are a bit creepy but luckily those aren’t problems this girl has had! Β  This girl didn’t have any face pictures on the blog for quite a few years either but gradually her confidence about that altered and when once the idea that someone might know her face in enough detail to paint a photo like picture of her *might* have been a bit of a worry, it’s really not now.

This girl is proud of who she is , and that’s it really. Maybe it would be different if she had a secret identity that made her someone important or high profile – but she really doesn’t! As a friend lately said she is just the girl next door, well hopefully not the girl next door to YOU but if you are then well the noise is now explained right ? πŸ˜‰ Seriously though, she is pretty normal in ‘normal’ life but hopefully not so normal the rest of the time. This girl thinks everyone should have an element of their life where they are extraordinary – whether it be that they have a talent for painting, or for sport, or for being an evil sadistic genius like a certain husband of hers.

Most if not all of the kinky people this girl has met have something about them that makes them special. It’s as though perhaps being able to express sexuality and fantasy helps creativity and imagination flow and develop in people. This girl doesn’t understand people who repress their fantasies and who say for instance ‘my wife doesn’t understand me so i do it behind her back’. You don’t have to share it with the world, but you should at least be able to share it with your partner. Though each person she shares her story with makes this girl feel a bit more special, more confident, more eager to tell more about her dreams and aspirations.

The painting is currently hanging on the landing at the top of the stairs Β and its quite odd but lovely to see it every time she comes up the stairs.

Well hmm perhaps a thousand words also paint a picture? πŸ˜‰


* full set of photos the painting was based on here @ Captive Kink

17 thoughts on “A picture paints a thousand words

  1. Fantastic warm post. Silly comment, but the proximity of the switch at the side kind of suggests it can be used to turn you on and off πŸ™‚

    As a computer programmer I am wondering if I could write a program to make a robot apply the paint in a similar way for any photograph. Of course it can’t add its soul to the picture but I wonder if the result would be much different. Not that I have any time for such things at the moment, I am too exited too, I am “downsizing” from a farm with loads of barns to an 8 bedroom mansion with half the floor area πŸ™‚ It has lots of potential for kinkiness and for my Mistress to do sissy maid training. Anyway, I’m having to sort a LOT of collected junk into stuff to take to the new house, stuff to sell and stuff to send for scrap metal and at the moment its my full time job but of course it doesn’t pay a penny 😦

  2. I think, with a thousand words, you could paint a picture more rich in colour and detailed in subject than i could ever hope to accomplish, all i can ever hope is that what i create bears at least a passing resemblance to those who inspire me.

    Thank you xxx

  3. It was certainly a fun weekend, although if I remember, all of the outfits and ideas that we had tried up until then hadn’t really worked out. I think that’s why you were chilled, because it was fairly late in the evening, and the first time during the day that you had felt really comfortable. At the time there wasn’t the threat of a camera being stuck in your face either, because I hadn’t intended taking a photo. So glad you suggested that I did though, otherwise Kenny wouldn’t have been able to do such a brilliant job,

  4. What a fabulous painting and what a talent – well done Kenny!

    I really do wish you were the girl next door though, my sexiest friend πŸ˜‰

    pup x

  5. It is a very very beautiful picture. I remember the photos now. It does combine warmth, contentment and absolute kinkiness. You wrote this, which we are 100% with, and I suggest history is too, “Most if not all of the kinky people this girl has met have something about them that makes them special. It’s as though perhaps being able to express sexuality and fantasy helps creativity and imagination flow and develop in people. “

  6. Id say its more an of ab “awright” painting of a fabulous pic of a wonderful person.

  7. As Ataraxia and I have found on IAR, denying their psychological depths means the vast majority of the population are manipulably shallow. Artists manipulate, but to do so sufficiently to survive means they have to use a machine which skims small amounts off the top, it’s called fashion and it attracts doms as a result. But artists need to be switches to sense the language the suppressed majorty need to release their needs through – this time of year being the worst – and so either end up in the worst abuse, or break free of the system and become exotics. Some live camouflaged, dipping in and out of society as they can, uncommitted.

  8. love your saying that ‘ bad girls deserve bondage’ !…..so true but then what do the good girls get??

    Also good point re the connection between one’s fantasies and creativity as usually whenever i get periodically clogged up emotionally and/or creatively, generally it means i have gotten away from being in touch with my kinky side for one reason or another.

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